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Mark of Contruction - Wandering Sidhe

The Mark of Construction is given when you have purchased 10m worth of Neverwhen equipment. You can purchase Neverwhen equipment by giving gold to an employee of Kalan in a hidden CPK room. This room is found on the top floor of the Wandering Sidhe, go northeast from the southwest most room where the Reaper is. You can give between 50k to 2m gold to the mob - the more gold, the better the equipment.

Timings for the Wandering Sidhe

midnight - Baron Bloodbane's Castle
4 am - Rahdiyr
8 am - Kulah
noon - Lowangen
4 pm - Rune
8 pm - Sigil

Monday, August 25, 2008


First off you need to find a random scatter item, a grinning skull (A small black skull is here, grinning at you.) they are vanish-death and decay in a few hours, so using them soon is always advised. This guide is more for soloing Tellanet since finding multiple skulls is hard to find, should you have more than one skull, the same tactics will work, she will just die a lot quicker.

Tellanet's stats, items and room flags
  • Tellanet does bite paralysing attacks.
  • She can cast bolt type spells doing up to 2000hp damage depending on hit locations.
  • She only seems to have around 1500sp.
  • She carries a shortsword named 'ardor', hex scroll, titanskull shield.
  • The ardor shortsword does mental-lash type damage, ogres beware.
  • She loads with a black flag that has random immunities and resistances each repop.
  • The room itself is no regen.
  • Her mount also paralyses.


First off you need to sort out your equipment, minimal armour is advised (since finding a second skull to loot should things go wrong is hard), so long as you achieve all 75's across you will be ok. Familiars from the orb of power (balance mark) and Agrippa rings are an advantage if you have them.

A dispelling weapon ready for the fight will help a lot, octarine quivers are the best since they dispel much faster, but for non rangers a heaven's wrath (expiring anyways so it's ok to lose) or a pike of retribution (cpk proof, but means no shield) will be ok. Be warned though she can be immune to any of these weapons.

A enervating weapon ready on hand for draining her spell points, spikebit, demented blade or wand of dark are good choices. As with the dispelling weapons she can be immune to these weapons too.

Obviously this depends on your classes but finding a monk or ranger to mix for you is advised. Have someone mix you around 20 fatigue mixes and around 60 HE mixes (she's yet to be fire immune when I have killed her, but you never know when that could change).

Check your memorized spells, redo them if they are close to fading, stock up on reagents if you are low, set your combat defense to dodge, take out your bronze bell if you have one or a staff of summoning (obtainable from necromancers in Templeton catacombs) and grab a mount if you have riding, an Ithrix ward is recommended.

Once ready and fully spelled up, regenerate to max stats then hold and use the skull.

Tellanet Encounter

You will find your self in a non pk room, its no regen so don't be wasting sp here. Use your summoning item if you have one and make four air type elementals, if you summon any other type order it to go north and unform it, as they will frag the hex scroll with breath attacks should Tellanet have one. Set formation structure to shield and haste the elementals. Once ready Tellanet is located down, going up will take you out of the Tellanet area and into the normal ethereal void area and unable to get back to her. Once you are in Tellanet's room fleeing up will have the same effect of you not been able to get back to her, fleeing south, east and west from her room all seem to have a increased chance of teleporting you into the normal void, fleeing north from her is the best option and least likely to teleport you out in my experience.

Once down, proceed to try dispelling her haste, if you get paralysed change your defense to auto or shield block in case she bolts. String for her bolting is Tellanet begins muttering an incantation... if your are not paralysed and you see that spell string flee north, wait at least 3 seconds for the spell to finish casting before going back in the room.

When she is dispelled immediately change to your enervating weapon, throw a fatigue mix and cast curse, faerie fire, weaken, plague and poison on her (she can be immune to plague and poison or very resistant to them, you need to land at least one of them, so spam till you land). Once spelled up proceed to use all your HE up, and try to stay above 1200hp. Try not to bash since the room is no regen and using all your sp and st up will leave you dead. When your sp is depleted flee north a second or two before the next tic and recover (any healing items or cabochon are a help as the longer you spend out of her room the more chance there is of been teleported away from her area).

From here on its just a matter of casting cure light every so often and throwing a new fatigue mix roughly every 4.5 to 5 minutes. Eventually she will drop to screams in agony and try to flee. Letting her flee is a good idea, as the rooms around her are not no regen and will make the final phase a lot easier in my experience. Having said that if she flees up you will be in the normal void, this is a real pain some times as she can be immune to web and chasing a paralysing mob around in the ethereal void is not fun! Should she flee any other direction but up, room shield if you can, then follow her, try your best to web her, but as previously stated she can some times be immune.

Once you get her down to barely clinging to life, its time to be very careful again. Order the elementals to flee so you can monitor damage more effectively, as she gets to her last few hp you need to over cast heal onto yourself if you are approaching a tic. Should you kill her a few seconds before a tic you risk been attacked by the mount, this is very bad as the mount is extremely buff and paralysing. It will disappear after a few tics, but that's more than enough time for it to kill you. So time your tic correctly and try to kill her immediately after one, any items she carries will drop to the ground so grab everything and get out of the room quickly. One final warning the ardor shortsword is trapped, if you have very low hp when she dies it will kill you when you pick it up.

Now find your way back to the no regen room with the up, go up and scan for Mordred, go to him grab a vial if there is one, drink it and you are home free!

Mark of Trespassing - Kobold Taskmaster

From the entrance to the Temple of Sumter, go all north, all down, all west, and south. You will see a bunch of kobolds sitting here. Sayto the taskmaster 'disease' and he will ask you to help him, say yes. Walk around the area and when you find the kobold adventurer, he will ask you for help. Agree to help him by finding him the evil morkoth's golden crown. Go kill the morkoth and bring the crown to the adventurer, he will give you a cure disease scroll. Go back to the taskmaster and give this scroll to him. He will be cured and he will give you a password.

Note: if he doesn't offer you the correct password for 15,000 gold then you need to kill him and wait for repop, because you will need the correct password to enter another area and once someone gives a scroll to the taskmaster, he is cured for the repop until someone kills him.

Once you have the correct password, go to the room where the fire and lightning golems are (be sure not to kill them) and say it there. You will be transported to the room down. This room has a chest with a small amount of gold coins in it. Search for a northwest exit and follow the path until the end, then walk through the southeast exit, to CPK. Follow until the end and you should see a chest with some vials and maybe a righteous flail. If you don't have Tresspassing mark, getting a vial out of the chest will grant it to you.


Area: Xaventry - Shadow Castle

To release Reztreal, you must first release, and kill the Archbishops of the various religions in Xaventry. This is done by activating 7 stone markers in the no magic dizzy rooms. Dispel area the first room (all the others are no magic) and spam a direction until you reach a marker, open it, and put its corresponding reagent in (it tells you what the right one is, if you try and put the wrong one in). The marker will close, and hum.

The directions to the markers are as follows (note: all directions begin from the recall fountain in Xaventry town square).

Air: east, 7 south, 13 east, 6 north, east north
Water: east 7, south, 2 east, north
Fire: north, 3 east, 9 north, east
Earth: north, 3 east, 10 north, 6 west, 3 north, 2 west, south
Gem: 1 east, 16 south, 2 west, south
Ethereal: north, 12 west, 5 south, east
Astral: north, 12 west, north, west
Once you've activated each marker you will get the string 'An enormous CRREEEAaAKKK echoes through town, the sound of a magical prison weakening.' and the archbishops appear at recall, complain for a while, then make a portal and leave. You can either follow them through this portal, or walk to 'Ascending into the Light' room in the Vandyne temple.

Archbishops: a form of 5-7.

It's suggested, but not required, that you have a psionic disarm them (though this can take a long time), as they seem to do more damage with their weapons. The main requirement for killing them is having 2 or more druids to take some of the focus off the tank. The Gath archbishop firebolts, and the Ithrillis ice bolts, so having them on 2 different tanks helps a lot. Dispel curse and faerie fire Maradas, Ithrillis, Gath and Dira (Vandyne is protected until you kill the other four), and have the tank attack Dira, and the druids immediately ooze evoke off Gath and Ithrillis. Once one of them dies, which shouldn't take long, as they don't have a lot of hp, it becomes dramatically easier, and when you have killed all 4, Vandyne will attack you. Dispel him, then spell him up, and hes pretty easy compared to four of them. Once he is dead you'll hear Reztreal 'A weak, throaty voice yells 'I'm free, and when I regain my strength, you shall be destroyed!', pick up Archbishop's zucchetto, and spine of the condemned, and off you go to shadow castle.

Reztreal: A form of 7-9 archons is suggested.

Reztreal spawns in an area below the mob with the ring of fortitude (from recall all north, all west, north search for a hidden door then all east search for a hidden down) and you need the Brick from the master assassin to unlock the hidden east door. Reztreal will occasionally cast antimagic sphere, which needs to be dispelled, as he is a no flee mob, and can also cast through it. His room, and the room northwest of him is Low-regen, so if you need to rest, do so at the top of those stairs.
(Note: make sure to trunk the bricks, as Reztreal will frag them)

Reztreal, the elemental spectre is resistant to: magic weapon pierce slash fire cold energy
Reztreal, the elemental spectre is immune to: summon charm bash poison disease necromantic petrification
Reztreal, the elemental spectre is vulnerable to: fire cold holy earth
* 'Sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'Haste', cast at level 350.

While fighting Reztreal, there will be two tanks, the person tanking his physical attacks, and the person who he targets for bolts. The designated bolt tanker needs to sit while everyone goes in, so that they enter the room LAST and are targeted by the bolts. Reztreal does energy physical damage, so it also helps if the person tanking his attacks has a bascinet.

Reztreal is dispellable by dispelling weapons (wraths, div axes), and if you, can dispel his sanctuary without dispelling his haste, as his regen is extremely high. If you do dispel his haste, make sure someone keeps him hasted throughout the whole fight in order to lower his regen. Reztreal has a lot of hp, so you'll probably need to fight him for about 20-30 minutes, making sure to keep him cursed, faerie fired and hasted the whole time.

When his hp gets low (vomiting-paling) he will randomly teleport to somewhere in Shadow Castle, you need to find him quickly, or he will regen. Once you find him, fight him the same as last time (bolt tank entering last), and when he gets to clinging, he will teleport randomly again (often to the maze). This is his last disappearing trick, and when you find him, he's almost dead. When he is slain, he vanishes. He very often has the shield 'a fuliginous scutum' and occasionally has an elemental sphere which gives the Mark of Tenacity.


Beginner's Section

When you first log in, you will be greeted by a black cat. It will look something like: 'Welcome to Materia Magica Isyndil.' the black cat says to you. 'If you are new to the game I can give you an introduction tour to the game and some of the basic commands. Would you like a tour? (sayto cat yes, if you want to take his tour)'

Hint: Type sayto cat yes if you wish to take his tour.

This cat will give you a guide to the basic functions of Materia Magica and teach you how to play. Before doing this, I recommend you type "set novice off" then "set autoloot on" and finally "set autosac on"; these are a couple of the basic settings in the game that will make it much easier to play. You can now sayto cat yes, while going through is tour of the game, you can leave by typing "sayto cat quit". Once you've completed his introduction to Materia Magica, you should be back where you started in the first classroom. You can walk through the classrooms and learn a little more about the game, or simply type "recall" to get to the center of towne. The "recall" command can be used at any time to transport yourself to the recall room of the towne you're currently in (Lasler at the moment) until you're level 61, then you need a house to use it (type help homes for more informaiton).

From the recall room, where brother Rufus is, you can open west, go west, north, north, open north and go north. This is the training area. Type "practice" to see what you can practice and "train" to see what stats you can train. It takes 80 practices to train a normal stat and 60 to train your main, this kind of information is a little complex for this guide. See help train in the game for more information. The room on the east will allow you to train skills, the room to the west will allow you to train spells. Once you're complete, you can go south (from the skills room), west, west, west, west and north and you'll be in the weapons shop. Check your equipment by typing "eq" if novice is off or "equipment" if it's on, and the weapon you're using is your primary weapon, so try buy a better version of it. You can wear any equipment that is 5 levels above your current level, or below.

Now you hopefully have a better weapon that you've practiced, go south, east, east, east, east, east, east and north. You'll now be in the armor shop, you may not enough enough gold to purchase any armor after buying your weapon, so you'll need to kill enemies to get more gold. You can also "sacrifice" items to get gold from items you get from monsters and don't need. The best thing to do now is just walk around killing stuff and getting experience to level. Remember you can type "flee " being the direction you want to flee to escape from combat.

If you are a fighter, you should try and raise your vitality (for more hit-points and stamina), wisdom (for more practices) and your primary stat (for more betters). If you are a spell-caster you should try and raise your knowledge (for more spell-power), wisdom (for more practices and your primary stat (for more betters).

Advanced Lasler Section

These are the two trials in lasler, both of which reward a mark and one will reward a manual and the other practices. These trials are not for newbies as they generally require knowledge and skill to complete them.

Mark of Youth

First make sure you're at least level 6 (I recommend at least level 8) you have a good trained weapon and if possible, buy some cure light potions from the shop all west on the main street.

Starting from recall, go w, n, w, w, w, w, w, w, n, n, n, n, n, n, ne, n, n, n, n, e, e, e, n, n and kill the prospector. If he's not in this room, he'll either be close by or dead. So wait for repop if he's not around. You need to get a spade from him. Once you have the spade, head w, w, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, e, e, e, n, n, e, e, n, n, w, w, n, n, d, e, e, e, e, s, s, s, s, s, e, e, e, e, n, n, e, e, e, e, e, n, n, n and light your latern. If you don't have a latern because you've already used it up, you can buy torches from the shop south. Once you have a light, go d, s, s, w, w, s, s, s, s, e, e, n, e, e, n and kill the dryad. If the dryad is dead, wait for repop. You'll obtain a red leaf from her if you kill her.

Recall and wait to regen some stamina, then go w, n, w, w, w, w, w, w, n, n, w and dig. You should reveal a down, go down and kill the zombie who has already killed the dryad. If he's dead wait for repop and kill him. Once you have the second leaf, recall again.

Regen your stamina and go w, n, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, s, s, s, s, sw, se and wait for the dryad to open the tree then, s, w, se, s and again wait for the dryad to open the tree then e, s, w, w, n, n, w, sw, n, nw, e, ne, n, sw, w, n, w and this is where it gets tricky. To the west a dragon moves around, if the dragon attacks you it can kill you in one round and burn your equipment. So use look west to make sure the dragon isn't there, if he isn't go west but keep alert incase he walks in. West from this room is where the last leaf, which is gold, repops. It is dropped by the dragon, so you need to check every couple of minutes to see if it's in there. Dropping a torch or light on the ground is a good way to keep it lit up. Usually there's a fight for this leaf, so you'll need to be quick. Also remember, drop a lit torch in the room so you can look into the room to check when the dragon drops the leaf. The dragon must be in the room and awake for the leaf to be dropped, so if he sleeps wake him up. Once you have the leaf, go e, e, e and recall again.

Regen your stamina and go w, n, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, s, s, s, s, sw, se and wait for the dryad to open the tree then, s, w, se, s and again wait for the dryad to open the tree then e, n, ne, and wait for the dryad to open the tree again, then ne, s, e. You need to dismount here, and the final dryad will ask you "What can you keep but give away?" There are two answers, wisdom or knowledge. Say one of them and a passage will open to the south, go through the passage and wear the gold leaf. Use it a couple of times until you're hasted, then follow the path until you're transferred into the trial. The northwest mob is the hardest, has two attacks and rather strong it's the fighter trial, the figher trial can reward either a vitality, strength, courage or stamina manual. The north path leads to the thief trial, it's much easier and I recommend it to most people, the thief trial will reward either a hit-points, luck, personality or agility manual. The northeast is the mage trial, this mob is immuned to all weapons so it should only be attempted by mages or people with lots of magic dart scrolls. It's fairly weak and doesn't hit hard. The mage trial can reward either spell-power, knowledge, wisdom or sanity manual.

Once you beat the mob, go north and get the mark + manual for your trial, wear the manual and use it to raise whatever you get (is totally random). Once done, recall.

Mark of Wisom

This trial is much much shorter, you can start by talking to the druid in the forest and leading your way through all the mobs and finding out about the story. Or just sayto Rufus at recall "ghost" and go west and wait. After a couple of minutes you will be transferred to an area away from the main towne. To the north there will be 5 obelisk. This is the tricky part, you need to make it so each of the obelisk shine the correct order. You change their colours by walking in and out of the rooms. The center obelisk will glow a certain amount of runes depending on how many you've got correct. Once all 4 light up, a north will open, go north and you'll get the mark of wisdom and 50 practices.

NOTE: The pattern seems to change each time all 4 runes glow.

Mark of Orienteering

Complete a miniquest in the Valley of Lasler. Find the preacher of Gath along the road between the village and the school. You may need to walk in and out of the room to get him to talk to you. When asked, tell him your name (sayto preacher ).

He will give you a fan to take to the preacher of Maradas, who will in turn give you a watering can to take to the preacher of Ithrilis, who will give you a kite to deliver to the preacher of Dira, who will give you a tinder box to take to the (empty) Tower of Gath. The instructions given by each of these people are pretty straight-forward.

Labyrinth of Acron

From the Mighty Goblin, so 1 south, all west, and all south until you see:
*Gwyllem, the Enlightened One is here, poking you in the ribs.
Try going south of him, he'll ask you this riddle:
'I am sometimes raging as a bull and sometimes calm as a baby sleeping.' Gwyllem, the enlightened one says. 'I have two banks but never any money. Who am I?'
Sayto him or say River.

You will be sent South from Gwyllem. Be careful not to return this way unless you need to, or you will have to do the riddle again. Then go all South, 1 East, North, East, South, and pick up the Black Mushroom on the ground. Then.. north, East, 2 South, West, South, East. You will see Leoric.

Leoric the sidhe druid is here.
Try going east and he'll ask for a mushroom. Give him the mushroom and you will be sent east of him.

From there, you go 4 e, n, e, n, 2w, n, w. You will see:
**Salem the necromancer is here, shrouded in an aura of darkness.
Search in his room and try to go north. He'll say:
Salem says, 'Ye must find me a diamond before ye can speak with Acron; follow the sphere and you will find a diamond.'
Salem utters the word 'gnyah!'
The air shimmers and a green sphere appears.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you watch what direction the orb moves and follow one step behind it very carefully. The orb will float on through a number of rooms and end up floating through a South wall. Search, enter, and pick up the diamond in there. Bring this back to Salem.

Give the diamond to Salem and he will transport you to the room north. West of here is Acron! He is in a safe room, and there is a down room that sometimes holds goods such as a meteorite slab. Acron usually rewards low level visitors with small amounts of practices.

Kell Commander

You need to find the dormant quartz golem anywhere in Alyria. Give it 5 crystal gems (obtained from Sumpter), and start giving it gold coins (in good amount) until it activates and attacks you. Kill it and obtain the large quartz astral. Remember to locker it incase you use it up. Now use the astral and get more quartz crystal from Sumpter mountains and release the kells. This will give you Irresponsibility mark and (-100 align) if you don't have it already. (Refer to sumter guide on our website)

It should be noted that there is a secondary way to get into the area required for this miniquest, although it's incredibly costly. Go to the southwest corner of the town, 3 east, and down to a hidden shop. Buy an apple, it shouldn't matter which. Now, go to the west side of town, and wait and/or move until a worker mentions he's hungry. Give him the apple, and he'll drop his spade. If you wait, this worker will say that he needs a new spade. At last attempt, the only spade which works is the quest spade, which one would almost never want to use. If you give him the spade, he'll dig a way down on the west side of town to the kell area. At this time, we know of no way to get the spade back. After releasing the kells, go to Lowangen. Go to the hidden shop mentioned above shop and buy the device. Now go outside, drop the device and push it. Each push, it takes 20k gold from your inventory so be prepared for an expensive venture. Keep using the device until you find the tangled tree. Kill the tree to get a tanglevine seed.

Now go to Diocletian, give the seed to Admiral Yotln (the retired military man) while being visible. He will give you a medal. You will receive a mail within minutes saying the shop owner wants to obtain the artifact you have just come across. Now head back to Lowangen, go back to the walk-through shop and give him the medal. He will give you a Kell's carapace. Walk outside and remove levitation if you have it on, find the V's (crevasse) and you will fall in. Walk to a room with a vine in it and start digging for a down. Go down and the guard will attack you and remove your carapace from you. Kill him and go down again to the CPK.

This CPK is high regen. The room to the southwest is LPK and no regen. Finally, down from there is non-pk and normal regen, which is where the Kell Commander is. Keep him spelled up, diseased cloud and poison gas the room if you can. And watch out for his high-damage emotes, such as using his scythe to slice you open, hitting extra hard, critically, etc. He will also regenerate chunks of HP if he "regains his strength". Do not wait until you are too low on hp (above 1.5k suggested) or one round from a scythe emote can kill you. Once you kill him, you can get a kell transmitter, quartz sliver, crystalline belt or a crystal neckguard.

Tavern of the Boars

There are two things you can do here: Kill the foreman of the damned, or complete Johnny the Arena Master's challenge.

First, the foreman of the damned:

Go to Bartender Ramgleg, and sayto him history. After telling you a brief story, he will ask you to consult Thigo, the Tavern Bouncer for caverns. Go sayto Thigo caverns and he will ask you to prove your worth by finding him a weapon made of ethereal energy. There is a hidden NPK room north of the bartender, where the skeletal warrior is. Kill him for his sabre and give it to Thigo. He will then ask you to talk to Delphina the master chef about gaining access to the caverns. Go talk to her, (she is in the far north room inside) and she will transfer you in. Go west, south and this is where the foreman of the damned is. He isn't too hard to kill, you can receive a mangled hardhat and some other equipment once you defeat him.

Second, the challenge of Johnny the arena master:

He is in the northwest side of the tavern, visit him and sayto him challenge. He will transfer you down. Prepare here and then go north into the LPK. Now depending on your class levels, you will encounter different mobs - five in total. If you manage to defeat them all, you will be rewarded with an orb and a small amount of practices. If you have all the 5 orbs from first, second, third, fourth and archon class, you may receive a valuable equipment.

Lonely Dragon Inn

Go to the north corner of the Inn, and walk inside the farm. Visit the coop on the west side where you will see some chickens and an aggressive rooster. If there is an egg on the ground, pick it up and go to the kitchen. Give the egg to the chef, and he will drop a key to the floor.

Pick up the key, and walk along the north side of the inn again (before the farm). Find a locked south, unlock it and go in. You will be in a nomagic fire damage room and every tic you will get hurt with fire so this will hurt minotaurs a lot. Usually it kills low levels or even high levels, but if you survive the trip, it will drop you at the Town Square of Vospire.

Twin Moons Inn

Start by entering the Twin Moons Inn and finding the Travelling Merchant. "A travelling merchant dressed in fine clothing is here enjoying his meal." He will ask you to get him some wine from the Inn.

A travelling merchant exclaims, 'Wait!'

A travelling merchant says, 'I hear tell of a fine wine that is made in this area, If you can find me this prized wine to compliment my dinner I will provide you with a token of my appreciation.'

In the same Inn, find Cailin O'Tera. Her inventory should look like this for the miniquest to work.
a crystal wine carafe (new)

She is extremely easy to kill as an archon, and probably a Hero and Fourth. Give the wine to the merchant and you will receive a strange looking tropical fruit. Now go down to the Lonely Dragon Inn located northwest of Rune and pay the bouncer 500 gold outside of the room. He will let you in. Give the fruit to the hungry halfling and you will be rewarded with 25,000 gold and 5 QP if you are a hero or archon, otherwise he will give you just the gold and 50,000 experience points.

Fey Pharmacist

Journey to Mandrake Woods, which you will find at the sextant reading 654,365 (or just northeast of the town of Xaventry). This is where you will begin the run, from the entrance of Mandrake Woods go 2l2sl2sl2s4d2s6ksk2s2w; this will bring you to the entrance of the trollish caverns. From here proceed 3w and 2s leaving you on the outside looking in at a small private room to your south. All members of the form intending to fight the Fey Pharmacist should precede 3s and kill Glamdrung for an iron key then unlock the down. People tanking the fey pharmacist should be careful upon entering the room, because mobs are allowed to attack with "special attacks" now, so the fey can initiate combat with a bite attack which means being paralyzed. The room is also nomagic, so your other members will be unable to heal you. A good idea is to have everyone set their defense to dodge, hoping to block a possible paralytic attack. Also, give your form members some calm mixtures so even if you do get paralyzed, they can calm the fight. Meanwhile, 2 members (level not important) should remain in the private room 1S to prevent interference from outside players and lower the risk of being CPKed. Once you have finished, your 2 "blockers" may move north and allow the rest of the form to come through then you will need to head back to your north and 3 east till you have reached the cavern exit. Use the path 2e2njn6j2n4u2nh2nh2n2hw to return to the entrance of Mandrake Wood or simply go east twice and scale the west wall of the forest until you have reached a north exit, then follow the path north back to the Shadow Road.

Now you and your form must travel to the Faerie Plane to complete your run. There are many possibilities for traveling to this destination but we suggest the 'Plane Travel' spell or burying a Jasper Gemstone for the quickest and least obstructed results. Once you have reached the Faerie Plane, locate Unseelie Castle (a black, towering castle on survey) located at the co-ordinates 438,299 (Southeast end of the Faerie Plane).

Once arriving at the castle, go to the southern entrance of the castle, open the north door and go 3n 3e n nw w. Here you will find fey pharmacist, which you were previously fighting but now fully healed. He will cast psionic spells and kill spell, but isn't too hard now that you can heal and cure. When you have defeated him, you will receive the fetish of a Fey. There is no limit to this item, and it always repops on the fey, but you can repeat this run only when the mandrake fey is alive again.

  • A form of 3 well-equipped 240+ characters, and 1 other for blocking is suggested for this run.
  • The first pharmacist is in no-magic CPK, following precautions listed above is your best hope of avoiding a player-induced death.
  • Be prepared with some form of transportation to make the crossover to the Faerie Plane to increase speed.

Mark of Ingress - Eanoss Azelmar

Starting at Eanoss, go to the northwest corner of the ground floor, and buy a small crystalline key from Sonatari. She will give you a bottled imp in addition to the key.

The main thrust of this mini is to get 5 sets of 2 numbers each, so I've divided up where they are:

On the third floor, enter the northernmost room. There is a hidden-long-desc container here, a wall safe. Look in safe, and if there is anything there, take it. If not, you'll probably have to wait for reboot.

On the top floor, enter the southeast room. There is a hidden-long-desc item here, a platinum ushabiti. Pull it, and go up. Look in desk, take a scribbled note if it there.

Kill one of the bellboys scattered throughout Eanoss, and wear both their hat and uniform. Go to "Around the Fifth Floor" and knock southeast. When she asks who it is, say "Bellboy" and she'll let you in. Kill Pynai, she drops 2 of the numbers on a low random, so it may take awhile. This was actually broken for a long time as well, so who knows.

Go to the second floor, and look at the shaman in the southeast corner. He may or may not have an official missive from General Hesieno. Drop the bottled imp Sonatari gave you here. I've found that killing the shaman if he has the missive is generally faster, but he eats it eventually. Now go back to Sonatari. You'll probably have to wait here awhile, but eventually you will hear two more numbers over the imp in her room.

Go to the room in the ground floor with the service cart, and take the blowfish out of it. Now go to the southeast corner of the ground floor, one north, and drop the blowfish. Wait here until an ethereal mob, the fey commander, takes the blowfish and eats it. This may be a few minutes. Get the numbers from her corpse, if they're there.

Once you have all ten numbers, go to the safe in Sonatari's room. Once you're inside, you have to kill a phoenix, which is a difficult fight. There is a way to get the correct combination, but this mini was just recently fixed, and we're working on a verification at the moment. It should be noted that simply opening the door gives the Mark of Ingress, and the Phoenix is only required if you want the equipment, a light blue sword, and a protective neckplate.

Mark of Dragon - Tower of Aroxa

Before doing this tower, you will need someone who has either the sword or the whip skill to complete it, (Whips for mage classes and swords for warrior classes). Also, once you have completed it you can never re-enter the area.

Find the ranger, who's in love with the princess. He wanders around the first parts of the area so just wander around until you find him. Sayto him "princess" and he'll give you a key and say something about needing it to rescue the princess. Go to the northeast side of the forest area, from the entrance into the caves with the bats. At the far end of the caves is a different type of bat, his long description will be different so you can tell him apart. Kill the bat and obtain the cord item from it. From there, go all south, all west, all north, all east, northeast, north and put the cord object into the obelisk. The castle will now open up and allow you to go inside.

Go all west, and turn the sconce. This will open another passage. Go west, all north and you should be in the throne room. Push button and it will open a room to the east. Go in and grab the book, wait in there until it repops if it's not already there. Once you have the book, go west, all south, east until you see an up then continue up the stairs. On the first floor landing, go all south. Unlock the south with the key you got from the ranger and go inside. Turn the jack in the box, which will sometimes take awhile to reset and it will spring open and mention something dropping to the floor. Search and pick up the silver tuning fork.

Head north back out of the room and down the stairs, go west until you see the sword and wear then use the tuning fork in the same room as it. A couple of room echoes will happen. Pick up the sword and go east back towards the stairs. Go up until you hit the second level of the tower, then all south and east. Open the box in here, grab the key out of it then close the box to prevent spiders coming out of it. Go west, unlock the west door and go inside. Drop the book and a wizard will appear and mention something about being trapped in it. Once he disappears, go east quickly and pick up two blue potions which have now appeared on the floor.

Now to get you the item you'll need to get the special objects in the dragon's room. If you don't want these items, which aren't too great after level 100 don't bother doing this paragraph. Go north until you're at the staircase, then all down, all west, all north, west and push the stone. A passge will open down, go down and dig to reveal an exit to the west. Go into the passage and you'll meet the king. A key repops in here rarely, wait in here until you get the key and dig to get back out if you need to. Go east, turn scounce to open up and go up. East, south, east, north, and push button. This will open a room to the east, go in, then up, and turn sconce. The door above will open, go in here and wait for the jar to repop. Once you have the jar, push stone if you need to to go back down, then down again and turn sconce and back out into the throne room. Then go all south, all east and unlock the east door. Go into the room with the pond, wear the jar and use it. Now head back to the stairs.

Go north until you're at the staircase, if you're not already on it and go up until you see a wall of fire rages in the room; which will hurt you with fire damage everytime you try to go past it. The dragon is directly up from here. Drink one of the blue potions and it will hurt you and take the fire down, until repop. Wear the sword and go up. Attack him and kill him. He is rather tough, but if you're using the dragonslayer sword, it will do massive lots of damage to him. Try auto defense if you have shield block so you don't die. If you die, resurrect quickly and try again.

Once you slay him, get the key from his corpse, unlock up and go up. The princess will be grumpy and say some rather rude things to you, you'll gain the Mark of Dragon and she'll drop her tissue. If you got the jar with the koi in it, wear it and use it. A chest will appear, open the chest and get all from it. Grab the tissue and go back down to the ranger, making sure you stay away from the stone trolls in the castle as they instantly slay you. Give the tissue to the ranger and he'll give you a stone bow.

You've now completed the area, and may never return, once you die or leave.

Mark of Mediums - Lighthouse

This is the guide for the lighthouse mini located South of Rune. (717, 848).
When performing this mini be sure not to have any type of invisibility affects on.

It is also recommended that you gather the following items before starting this mini, to make this a one shot deal so you don't have to leave the lighthouse after you start it.

(3) Vials of lamp oil. (Can be purchased at any general store)
(1) Fire reagent
(1) Memorial Cross ***guide below***

How to get a Memorial Cross:

Go to Rune Forest (701,680). Once you are there, head for the Graveyard.
For those of you that have track, (track hawker). For those of you who don't have track, you are looking for the following mob: "The posthumous memorial hawker". His long description is "A clean, collared, black-haired salesman is here, giving a pitch."
It appears he has the following trigger speech:
'I sure do love helping people grieve their dead, but alas, the business isn't cost free.' the posthumous memorial hawker says. 'Ten thousand gold coins can get you a shiny memorial cross to honour those passed.'

Give the hawker 10,000 gp and he will give you a Memorial Cross.

When you get to the lighthouse, the first place you want to go is to the room called "The Beacon." To get to this room from the entrance follow these directions: 4u,ne,e,4u,w,n. Upon entering the room if you see "A blazing memorial is here, illuminating the lighthouse beacon." The mini has already been completed and you must wait for the mini to reset (every 6 real life hours.) When the mini is restarted you must wait till you see "A brass key has been discarded here." Pick up the key and The ghost of jack will begin his triggered speech.

The ghost of Jack exclaims, 'I beg of you, protect the decency of my wife and let me eternally hold this key!'
The ghost of Jack wraps his etheric fingers around a tarnished brass key and pulls it into himself.
'I cannot go on not living while you carry on trying to expose her secrets!' the ghost of Jack exclaims. 'I shall defend her to the death...again!'

Once his speech is over kill him (very low HP and slash immune) and pick the key back up again. Go back down to the safe room. Directions: s,e,4d,w,sw,4,d. Upon entering the safe you should automatically drop the key and get the following triggered text:

A tarnished brass key explodes into pieces as the vestiges of Jack's soul escape it.
Freed from that blasted key at last!' the ghost of Jack exclaims. 'I thought we'd never arrive! oh, and that little spatter we had...a necessary arrangement.' the ghost of Jack says. 'I couldn't completely envelop the key unless I was defeated, and without that, my soul would've been forever trapped in the beacon.' 'If you insist on going down there, I can no longer stop you.' the ghost of Jack says. 'However, I am going to speak with my wife. You may catch up with me if you wish.'
There is a *click* from the trapdoor downwards.
The trapdoor downwards slowly creaks open.
The ghost of Jack leaves down.

Catch up with jack. You will know you are in the right room when you see:
A slight wisp of a woman stands here sobbing.
The ghost of Jack stands here staring off across the sea.

More triggered speech occurs here.

Challaine asks, 'Goodness, Jack is that really you?'
'...' the ghost of Jack says. '...then you didn't know?' the ghost of Jack asks.
'Know what, Jack?' Challaine asks. 'All this time, she told me you'd run off...' 'Jack, I'm so sorry...what happened?' Challaine asks. 'You're so pale...'
That's because I'm dead.' the ghost of Jack says. 'My soul has been the radiance of this lighthouse for the past five years.'
..then you know..' Challaine says.
'Yes.' the ghost of Jack says. 'For five years I've lit this house and for five years I've listened to two women giggle beneath my feet.'
Challaine says, 'You can't possibly know...five years without a warm body...thinking you'd run off...'
The ghost of Jack says, 'Oh, I know...I spent five years without my own body, let alone the comfort of another.
Challaine shifts her weight back and forth uncomfortably, looking at the floor.
The ghost of Jack says, '...and you have to realize I will never rest until the person who killed me is-

A burst of light erupts into the room as Falyia appears from nowhere.
Falyia, leader of the rogues asks, 'Dead?'
Falyia, leader of the rogues finds herself laughing at the world.
Challaine gasps in astonishment.
'Take your best shot, ghost boy.' Falyia, leader of the rogues says. 'I'll just slay you a second time.'
The ghost of Jack points a ghastly hand in your direction.
'You!' the ghost of Jack exclaims. 'Please, help me end this!'
'Hah.' Falyia, leader of the rogues says. 'Don't be fooled. Ally yourself with who you please.'
Challaine says, 'Not one of us is innocent...'
Falyia, leader of the rogues says, '..and nobody is guilty.'
So it is up to you, the judge.' Challaine says. 'Slay whoever is responsible for this mess.'

Now at this point you have 2 choices Kill Challaine or Falyia (It's best to kill Challaine, so you don't have to leave this room.) Upon her death you receive more triggered text.

Falyia, leader of the rogues screams loudly!
The ghost of Jack gasps in astonishment.
'Jack, how could you!' Falyia, leader of the rogues exclaims'
'I..but...I didn't make the choice!' the ghost of Jack exclaims.
Falyia, leader of the rogues snarls at the ghost of Jack.
'You will pay for this!@' Falyia, leader of the rogues exclaims.
Falyia, leader of the rogues draws her sword and prepares to strike.
'You will not prevail this time!' the ghost of Jack exclaims.
Falyia, leader of the rogues swings her sword through Jack with all of her might.
A cloud of utter darkness explodes from nowhere, filling the area.
Everything goes dark!

Your blood freezes as you hear something's death cry.
The darkness cloaking the room lifts...

Falyia, leader of the rogues laughs diabolically. MOoOAHhaHAhahHA!@!
'It's's Jack.' Falyia, leader of the rogues says. 'I channeled my spirit through her weapon and took control of her body.

'Falyia, leader of the rogues says, 'That scream...was the sound of me forcing her essence through her mouth and into the ether of the netherworld.'

Falyia, leader of the rogues says, 'Now...we have another matter at hand. I wish I could just leave this body to rest and move on to the afterlife, but I don't think it's that simple.' Falyia, leader of the rogues says

Falyia, leader of the rogues says, 'I'm suffering a guilt, a need to give the wandering soul of Falyia some peace, and in the same way, allow myself to move on as well.'

As my final act in the corporeal world, I wish to once again light this house.' Falyia, leader of the rogues says. 'However, I want to make sure this time it stays lit for eternity, a constant reminder of the travesties that occurred here.

Falyia, leader of the rogues says, 'I'm going to need a lot of oil, a magical representation of fire, perhaps some sort of reagent, and a grave marker of some kind.'

'I've heard there's someone selling those near a graveyard someplace, but I wasn't ever able to confirm that.' Falyia, leader of the rogues says. 'Perhaps you will have more luck.'

'I will await your return, but make haste.' Falyia, leader of the rogues says. 'This body will not last.'

Give Falyia the (3) vials of oil, (1) fire reagent, and the Memorial cross. Once Falyia has all the items, she'll trigger this:

'This body will die with my spirit, and decay as it would have had it been laid to proper rest.' Falyia, leader of the rogues says. 'You will not see me again,'

Falyia, leader of the rogues disappears to the beacon of the house.

There's a rushing sound of a fire lighting, and the tremor of peace radiates from its location, slowly settling over the area.

For stepping into conflict and establishing peace, the Powers have granted thee a Mark!
You have been granted the Mark of Mediums!

After a few moments you should receive mail from the accountant. It will be a Read Aura Scroll

Domain of Arbaces

The Domain of Arbaces is a place where only 240s may go, it is composed of several levels, each different in strategy and difficulty. Of course, the way this goes wsill completely depend on your classes and the skills you've practiced, but I'll give you a bases and idea of what you're going to need to do this area.

The Domain of Arbaces is randomly placed at the bottom of the Proving Grounds each reboot. The entrances to each level (except the first one) are also randomly placed each reboot, as are all the rooms in the area. Boss rooms are also random.

Several helpful tips before you start:
  1. The Domain of Arbaces contains many dizzy rooms. There's two choices when you come to these, you can either carry orbs of negatation or just flee without a direction if you get attacked in them. An added issue is the fact a decent amount of them are no-magic. For this reason, rooms that are nomagic with mobs which can para should almost always be avoided.
  2. You'll need at least one healing spell, cure blindess and cure poison are stongly recommended.
  3. If possible, try take a paladin with you as sanctify can really help on the bigger mobs since the whole Domain is slow-regen. A bard is also a good idea to bring (if possible a paladin/bard).
  4. Collect around 30 extra roots before you go down, if you die this will let you go straight back down through the levels.
  5. Alternating on the bigger mobs will also make it alot easier, and should one of you die, the other can still finish it off.
  6. Saving up a couple of keys before you go down will help alot, and storing a few of them on the isle when you go down will allow you to get back down quickly.
  7. Make sure you have plenty of time if you want to attempt this!
  8. Restock on reagents, as many as you possibly can. Especially if you're not a Psionic/Druid.
  9. Bring a nodecay weapon. This isn't really required, but if you don't, make sure you have alot of whatever weapon you are using. A spear and sword are what I recommend. Cavaliers should note that Arbaces is no-mount, even if you bring a mount into PG.
  10. All the main mobs and exits will be in rooms with only a north exit (south entrance).
  11. Roots can no longer be eaten to drop levels, and will instead kill you. This means that often the most time-consuming aspect of DoA is finding the downs. If you do find a down while performing the task, try to remember or mark where it is, as this will save you time. If you absolutely cannot find the down, you can die and come back down and you'll be transported to the next level.
  12. Doing DoA will be much easier if you have moons which won't hinder your regeneration any more than the area and mobs already do. Avoid new moons if possible.

Entrance Floor

Once you enter the first part of the domain, you'll be on a level with adventurer shades. These sometimes pick up manuals, so if you have a bit of time and peek practiced, it's a good idea to walk around and check them all before proceeding into the levels. There are also 7 tablets in this area that give you clues on the weaknesses of each mob. These aren't really that great and I never used them, but if you want to read them all go ahead. Once you're done on this level head to the far north part of the level and you'll meet a mob that greets you. If you've already done a level he will transfer you straight down, if not you can go down and begin your descent into the domain.


The mobs on this level are quite easy, but finding the Queen of Tides to return the items to can become rather annoying at times. First you need to find a fish with a fin, kill it and hide it somewhere you can easily get back to, such as the far southwest corner or one of the other corners. Then find a leopard, you need a obsidan claw from him, repeat same process as fish. Finally find a snake with a fang and hide it as well. Once you find the Queen of Tides, remember the way to her and retrieve the items you hid. Then return them to the Queen. Now that you have a seashell bracelet, you can return to the domain without a key, as long as no one else has within 45mins of when you get there. After you leave her room, find the down and proceed.


This level gets a lot more difficult, and I personally found it the hardest of all the levels. There are leeches that paralyze you through bites, so set your defense to dodge if you have it up high, else just hope you can flee fast. Before you move into a room I recommend you use "look " to make sure it's not dizzy and filled with leeches as you will die. Your objective is to find the giant slug. As said in the hints, he will be through a south exit. You can try scan for him if you cast sense life. Once you find him make sure you remember where he is incase you die. Fighting the slug, he's apparently vulnerable to pierce, so use a spear if you have one handy. Cast as many affecting spells on him and sanctify north of his room if you can. If there are doors near the entrance to the slug, I suggest keeping the magic locked if possible. Psionic plague is also a great thing to have here, if not, try poison him. Ice and slow also cause regeneration to greatly slow down. The slug casts web on you after he slings mud at you, so after the first time you see him do it, making a trigger to flee north when he does it is a great idea. The slug has also been improved to occasionally instaweb with an emote, which means that extra caution should be used here. If you do get webbed, calming and healing over and over could allow you last the duration of it. Or you could calm, dispel yourself if you're not a psionic. Just attack/flee/heal over and over and he will eventually die. Once he does die, loot the antenna from his corpse and the key.


Easiest level in the domain, by far. However, the trees now perform the dust kick special attack, which blinds and can be irritating, so be wary. First just run around and find the tree spirit. Once you find it, remember where it is, walk around the rooms near it and search. Pick up 3 truffles and return them to the tree spirit. It will give you the heart of the forest and the next key.


Back to the hard stuff, this level is filled with fire mobs. If you're a druid, invoke water and keep that on you the entire time. If not, probably best to set your defenses to auto or shield block to prevent breathes hitting you. You need to find the fire wyrm, same deal as the slug. Once you find him, prepare the room north just like the slug and cast up on him. Once you're ready just attack him. If you're a mino, he will hurt you -a lot- so you'll need to flee more, otherwise, he's not really much trouble. Just take it slow and steady. He has a regen script as you damage him, but he will die eventually. Once you beat him, you'll get a ring of fire from his corpse. Find the down and continue onwards! level.


Much like the first level, you need to kill 3 mobs and collect gems from them this time. This level is also filled with crystals that randomly blind you when you walk into the rooms. These can be disarmed with disarm trap, but it rarely works and mostly just blinds you. This level will obviously be more tedious for faeries. Be sure to have lots of cure blindness reagents or potions. Each of the three different mobs will randomly drop different colors gems when you kill them. This will usually need to be done multiple times. Fireflies drop orange gems, warriors drop white gems and blue salamanders drop blue gems. Each time you get a gem, make sure you hide it incase you die. Repeat the process of finding the queen, only for the crystal dragon this time. Give it the three gems and you'll receive a prismatic gem. Leave his room and look for the down.


Now you're on a level filled with jetstreams and mobs like that, this level isn't really much of a threat. Just find the mist and beat into it. It has now has alot of hp, and does alot of damage, it also breathes out alot of frost and poison. On top of that it appears it has a script to rapidly regen it, much like the fire wyrm, so this could take quite a while. So if you're a dracon, equip shield block and flee lots. It also frags alot of eq, so try stick to stuff insulated. Flee, heal, attack, rinse and repeat. Remember to cure the poison when ever it lands on you. It will die slowly, but surely. Take the shroud of mist from its corpse, leave the room and begin searching for the down.


Probably the hardest level in the dungeon, at least for most people. This level is filled with owls which can scream paralyze you. Lots of traps that will put you to sleep and many dizzies. Use look before you move to make sure you aren't heading into an owl, find the cyclone and do the normal around and to it. It will breathe lightning (which stuns you) and poison at you and it also disarms to make it extra annoying. Dwarves should beware the breaths, obviously. The cyclone has also been upgraded so it now casts high-explosive, web and enervation. So flee if you see it casting! If you have a pheonix feather, use it to prevent disarming. It has alot of hp, so it will take alot of hitting. Once you finally beat it, you'll get a vacuum helm from it. Leave the room and find the down, and you'll be on the 3rd last level!


This is the last level you'll need to collect an artifact from. You'll need to collect three tablets on this level, much like the other "collect" levels, however the tablets repop completely randomly on the three different types of mobs down here. They're also peekable, so don't kill empty mobs unless things become desperate, and you want to wait for repop. The vampires paralyze, so try stay away from them. The dust clouds have -alot- of hp, but aren't too hard. I recommend going for the dirt devils, just web and blind them and they're easy. Hide the tablets in an easy to access place and once you have one of each (bronze, silver, gold), you need to look for the old man. Once you find him, grab your three tablets and goto him. You need to give them to him in the order of silver, bronze then gold. He'll give you the dusty jacket, and the final art. This will take you to the second last level of the domain.


The newest level of the Dungeon of Arbaces, it is much easier than you would expect... And this guide will make it even easier! You may not eat roots to get off this level. Okay, that out of the way, once you enter the level you'll be met by a mob that talks about an apprentice and a curse etc on the doll. Your goal is to get it to the other side. First off find the apprentice first. Once it's found, make sure you know the way back to the starting point. Assuming you didn't already make it start moving, go back to the room and say go. If it is already moving, you'll need to find where it's wandered to. To control the doll you need to get plates of food from the halfing chefs. Kill them 1 at a time and loot the food from their corpse. You must avoid zombies at all costs once you have food in your inventory, if they attack they'll remove it from you. Zombies do not eat food on the ground.
Once you've found the doll again, place the food in a location to block his path, then one to make him change direction. You just need to keep repeating this process until it gets to the end. Fairly simple. From how it seems, food will make him turn left from his current path, and he'll normally turn right.


Just spam down until you hit a hallway, and go all north. Here is where you will decide which "type" of archon you become. Northeast will make you W colored archon on who, northwest will make you a D colored archon on who. These will also decide the mark you get from becoming an archon. Northwest is shadow, northeast is light. Completely upto you. Just go all the way to the end of whichever passage you pick and you'll get a vial. Enter the rift and you'll be back at the top of the domain. Now just make your way to a quest master type "class newclass archon" and you'll join the elite ranks (not so elite now) of Archons!


From recall of Vir (Healer's Room), go:
s;e;se;ne;e;ne;n;w;w;w;nw;w;s;d;n;ne;ne;ne;n;e;e;e to a locked door. Cast magic unlock on it if you have it available. Once you unlock the door, go all east and attack Vextrinas, the priestess of Fire.

She is harder than Beyonder himself. Spell her up and she will dispel herself soon and get rid of her beneficial spells. She is immune to bash, hurts with energy and breathes fire. This can hurt on top of the wide variety of spells she will cast, including enervation, ice and fire bolt, form attack spells, and psionic spells. She will also web you. When she nears death, it's best to antimagic sphere the room because she will cast momentary darkness. Once she dies, loot a fire key from her. This key is vanish death, so don't die with or you will lose it. Remove curse this key and search for an east at the altar.

Set your defense to dodge and wear an improved invis item to prevent getting paralyzed. From the altar, go: east, d, 2s, 2se, s, 2sw, nw. Search for another nw. Go nw, w, nw (private room), 2sw. This is where a chained guardian will be. Dispel it and fully spell it up. It's a psionic mob, and not too hard. You need to get a palladium pick from him. Unlock west, and go west to the CPK. If you feel like preventing others from following you, you can choose to lock the door back. Enter the gate once you are ready.

Go south from here and you will be at "The Source". This is where Beyonder is, and he isn't aggressive. The room is also vanish-drop so don't bother dropping anything of importance to you. Peek him, if he has a frosted translucent (ice whip) scroll, you may want to remove flaming weapons or equipment. Beyonder can be hurt with flames, slash, bash or pierce. Other forms of damage won't work on him, and he is also immune to necromancy. Use dispelling weapons to get rid of his beneficial spells. Once those are gone, web him to prevent throwing bombs, and you can also poison him. Keep the tank healed and Beyonder should be fairly easy. He now casts bolt spells, so watch out. He also does form attack spells, energy orb and extinction. Nevertheless, he is much easier than Vexatrinas, as you can easily calm incase of an emergency and he won't reattack you. Once you defeat him, go south of him and enter the portal to leave the place. You will be at the Town Square of Vir.

  • A form of well-equipped 3-5 archons and heroes is recommended for this run.
  • Beyonder's normal loot is a frosted translucent scroll (Ice whip), shroud of stars, shiny twinkle, wand of nothingness, and polearm called 'Cosmos'
  • 220 AP can be split between all the archons in the form.


The hardest of the witches, Vortex has a rather large assortment of spells. She also summons these wizards, that if allowed to hatch will make this fight -a lot- harder. From recall, go west, north, all west (through the palace), all south, all se, all south, all west, down, two west, two north, seven west, south and search to reveal a down. From there go down, south, east, south, east, west and get prepared. Through the mirror is a CPK stretch, although Vortex herself isn't in CPK. Once ready, enter the mirror and go three east.

Vortex will randomly throw teeth at the ground, whenever you see her do this pick up the teeth and put them in a container to prevent them hatching. Vortex will silence, web and cast an large assortment of high wizard & witch spells. So silencing her won't do any good. Use enervation if you can to totally drain her spell-points. If you get extinct and low on hit-points, you can flee e and go s, e, s, s, w. You should be in safe, and you can wait it out and heal back up.

You can loot a slug thrower, a platinum colored scroll, which contains the spell warp and a heavy lead wand that has charges of level 180 fatigue.

Lady Bane

She is the second hardest, or easiest of the three witches. She'll cast hard-hitting spells such as ice bolt, enervation and most the nasty high-wizard spells. She also has a script to randomly cast anti-magic sphere, this can work to your advantage, as I'll explain in a moment. First, from recall, go west, north, east until the second south, go north until west, west, northwest, all south. Search in this room to reveal an exit to the west. Go in to the west, down and north. Lady Bane can wander around these entire crypts, so you could run into her before you get to her normal room. Be prepared, if she's not in her normal room and is still alive you'll need to seek her out. To get to her repop room, go all north, all east, south, all east, west and north. This is a CPK room, as is the room north where Lady Bane repops. Open the north room and attack her, then flee to let her out. Wait in the NPK two south of her room. If she comes out, flee into the room she's in, and close the door north to prevent he going back in. Once she's out you can attack her.

Either dispel her with dispel magic, or cast as many affecting spells on her as you can to make her dispel herself. Then poison and plague her, to stop her regening. Begin enervating her, if you can and if not, just heal yourself until she casts antimagic sphere. If she webs you, make sure you calm to help you outlast it and if you can attack one of the weaker mobs in the room. She'll die rather easily, especially if you're in a form.

You can loot a mirror amulet from her, which summons hunters and a leopard skin scroll which contains the spell antimagic.

Baba Yaga

Probably the easiest of the three witches, as long as you can get rid of her elementals and drain her spell-power away. She has large hp, but doesn't hit too hard. From recall, go west, north, east until the second south, south until the second west, west, northwest, southwest, south and search in this house. A down should appear. Head down, all north, all east, south, all east, and prepare here. Get dispel magic, an orb of negatation or whatever else with the spell ready. Head north until you hit the dizzy room. A spider will begin casting a spell, dispel the room or start casting quickly so it casts after him. If you succeed the room will dispel, if not you'll need to stumble around until you make it out. Head west, the first room west is NPK, the second is CPK so make sure you don't get CPKed here. Go west through the CPK and you'll meet Baba Yaga. Most of the time she'll be in CPK, so attack her then flee, she'll come after you within a couple of minutes. If she doesn't come after you, do it again.

Once she finally comes out, it's time to fight her. When you first attack she'll automatically try silence you. To avoid this, just use a psionic to do the first attack, and if needs be have them flee once the tanker is in combat.

She'll die slowly, keep her plagued and poisoned.

You can loot a small wicker man, a broom of Baba Yaga and the rattleskin scroll from her which contains the spell reflective fireball.


Head to Avarice, but before leaving, make sure it's night time as this run can only be done then. From the entrance, head all south all down all north, all east, all north, east, all north, down, then 2west, south east, southeast, up, west, southwest, down and down again. If possible cast dispel area to allow easier navigation. Head northwest and follow the path, be careful as this first mob is in CPK and it's easy to get trapped in here. Killed the dragon and continue to until you receive a key from him. Return to the intersection and go north, kill Anthraxus and get a key from him too. Return to the intersection and head southeast. Follow the path heading as east as possible. Go south and kill the lich lord, and get the final key from him. Return to the intersection, this part can change depending on who kills the young sucubuss; charm one and take it back up from the intersection. Continue along the path, go north at the intersection and then along the first east. Once you get to the altar, say to the priest "sacrifice" with all 3 keys in your inventory. He will take the keys from you and give you the real key to unlock the Dracolich's door.

From here, go all east until the first south, go 2 south and prepair in the safe room. Make sure no one is around, check who for people in the underground and try track them, if it's all clear continue southeast, southwest, west, all up. Unlock the door and attack the dracolich. He isn't really hard, but he paralyzes and you can get cpked very easily here. He casts alot of draining spells too. A team of 3-4 heros/archons are recommended for this run. He drops the scale of the dracolich, which is needed for the Mark of Famine

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ettin Cannibal

I recommend a form of at least four good archons, more if anyone is not maxed as sp is very limited once in the Ettin’s room. The Ettin is located in Templeton catacombs from the entrance follow this path e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;d;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;e;e;e;e;e;e;n;n;n;n;d;s;s;s;s;w;w;w;s;s;s;s the Ettin is located two rooms to the east, but wait at this point before ready.

Ettin cannibal’s stats, items and room flags

  • It bites paralyses.
  • It summons elementals and swarms.
  • The room is archon only, no regen, no exit, no mount and CPK.
  • The Ettin will randomly teleport you into Templeton castle CPK during combat.
  • It drops a manual of chain lightning.


The three people with highest personality should have around 15 calm mixes each, some high explosive is helpful for saving spell points for healing while still doing some extra damage. Check the usual stuff before killing any big mob… reagents, mems (make sure detect illusions is one of your memorized spells) the tank needs to set defense to dodge and be sure to place the tank in form reform fc position of a shield formation. Finally the most important part is that anyone with throwing should have around 10 flash bombs each and everyone should have a few word of recall scrolls or the spell memorized.

Once satisfied, spell up, including detect illusion. The Ettin is located 2 east of you (if you have followed the path stated earlier).

Ettin Encounter

First send the tank into the room to attack the Ettin, then have the form follow, as the Ettin starts to summon or swarm have the people with calm mixes eat them and someone quickly flash the form before the tank attacks again. The Ettin will paralyse the tank some times so be ready with a designated second tank who can take over if needed at calming. Faerie fire and weaken the Ettin, but other than that conserve SP purely for healing as you wont be regenerating any more, unless you get teleported out. Randomly people will be teleported into the Templeton castle dungeons, where Thantosis is, this is CPK. Have them quickly word of recall out to the town safe room and run back to the temple altar.

Once into the catacombs again a quick alias to get you back there fast is helpful.
(#ALIAS Ettin {e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;d;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;e;e;e;e;e;e;n;n;n;n;d;s;s;s;s;w;w;w;s;s;s;s;e;e} if you use Zmud for example).

Should anyone in the form get killed the Ettin will restore a large portion of its HP, you can attempt to loot them if needed, or the Ettin will throw the corpse west out of his room after a while so you can loot, this room is CPK too though.

Once dead the Ettin will randomly drop a manual of chain lightning, the spell needs to be under 65% to use and your archon level must be 70 or higher, holding this manual will grant you the Mark of Vengeance.

Since the room is no exit you can wait for the room to teleport you out one by one, which is risky, or you can bury a gemstone and enter the portal to get out. The ettin repops roughly every 30 minutes.


This guide starts off at the recall point of Focault's Magic company. First, you need to collect a skeleton key (or 2 depending on how many repops you want to stay for). These are rather easy as long as you are willing to wait for a repop (45mins). Go east, 4up, 2down, 3up, 2east, this will bring you to "Executive Office", kill the adventurer(if he's alive) and wait for repop. Around 90% of the time this adventurer will repop with the skeleton key. Once you've collected your skeleton key go west, 4north, east, 2up, west, 2south, east and enter the rift.

After that go north, 2west, south, down, 6north, east, north, unlock the east door and enter it. Now if you want add extra protection against someone cpking you, close the west door and lock it. South and East from this room are death traps and the north exit is 1way, so once you exit into it you can't return. Back on course, from here go 4north, 2south and search until you reveal the east.

Enter this room and you'll be in the hall before focault, this hallway is composed of two private rooms, the first one nomagic and both filled with icestorms. To prevent anyone cpking you, you can put 2 people in the first room to block anyone getting in (make sure you leave the 2nd room open incase you need to flee). Focault's door is in the 2nd east and you'll need to use your key one last time. Focault can be silenced and flash bombs of high level work on him quite well, it's a good idea to get his familiars out of the way and sacrifice their corpses since he can raise them back and have them join his form.

Once you've defeated Focault you can exit his area by searching in his CPK room and unlocking the south gate, once inside enter the rent and you'll be back at the start.

  • Focault repops with the key for the HSA chest completely randomly, however just because he has a key doesn't mean there's an HSA in the chest still.
  • Focault holds the Mark of Mystery for second, third and fourth classes, but make sure you go with higher levels or he will kill you.
  • It's best to do this area at day time, with sense life so no one can RS you in. However he is easy enough to solo.

Manifestation of Evil, Hargraven

This run has two parts to it: Manifestation of Evil and Hargraven. Hargraven is guarded by his shadow and it can be defeated only by someone who has the scourge 'Impetus' whip. You get this whip from B'dai, Balthazar's assistant at the bottom of hellbent when he gives you the Mark of Mindfulness. Keep in mind, you also need to have the mark of Fire to reach manifestation, and you need to be an archon to reach Hargraven. With that said, I'll explain how to collect the keys to kill manifestation.

Part I: First, you have to walk to the bottom of hellbent and kill the dream eater for it's translucent key. The lesser dream - dream of better days may also have it, but it's a very low chance. Once you have the key, recall back to the top and say the phrase "By the flames of Gath, deliver me from this inferno" to get out.

You'll be at the cave mouth. From here, go nw, all north, all west, north. You need fire mark to go west. Follow west, northwest, northeast, and unlock the south door with a key. Go south, up, east, south, east, south, east, south, east, southeast, east, 2 northeast, 2 north, east, south to the cpk, and northeast. The Pirate King will be here with his parrot. If the parrot has a key on it's neck, you can give it a cracker and it will drop the key. This is done once a reboot. Otherwise just kill the pirate king for a fuzzy green key.

Once you have that key, go back sw, north, west, 2 north, 3 northwest, 4 southwest, south, 3 northeast, 2 east, southeast, and unlock the south door. Go 2 south, 2 southwest, 2 west and kill the zombie and get a tarnished gold key from him. Follow the path to the west and unlock the north door. Continue following north and when you hit all east, go south, west. Search for a south exit in this room. This room is nomob, so you can rest here and prepare. South of here is Manifestation.

Manifestation and the skeletal serpent both paralyze with bites. Manifestation can dispel and kill spell you, so be careful if you are paralyzed. Manifestation casts bolt spells, form attack spells and can counterspell anyone in the form. The best strategy is to kill them one at a time, preferably the serpent first since it has less hp than Mani. If Mani has a leopard skin scroll (antimagic sphere), you can choose to remove flaming. Once Manifestation dies, search for an exit up if you want to go ahead and kill Hargraven, otherwise search for a south and enter the portal. This room is private.

Part II: Now whoever is able to wield the scourge impetus should unform from the rest and go all up from Mani's room, and east. Everyone else should stay back. While going up, the room can drop you all the way down, so be careful. Hargraven's shadow will be here and attack the person with the scourge. Then have everyone follow up after and heal the person fighting while not formed, otherwise the shadow's script will cause it to heal. Once it dies, reform again and go all up and west. Again, while going up, the rooms can drop you all the way down. West is where Hargraven will be. Dispel it with weapons and let any wizards in the form cast enervation. It's much easier once it's out of spell points. Once it dies, you can loot a tourmaline belt, onyx dragonfly pendant, and an amethyst peridot bracelet. You can exit by walking back out and entering the portal or just casting word of recall.

  • A form of well-equipped 5-6 archons and heroes is recommended for this run.
  • Levitation is recommended in case there is an earthquake.
  • Mani gives 120 archon points and will be split between all the archons in the form.
  • Hargraven gives the Mark of Enlightenment to whoever gets the killing blow.

Hotel Hello

This run has three parts to it. The first part is killing the titans, the second part involves a maze and collecting artifacts for the third part, and finally the third part is killing the main mobs.

At entrance, you need to get a wooden key.
First, obviously, make sure you go there early. Check for keys on the hags and if none have one, kill them until one respawns. Keys may appear when killing them, and not be visible normally.

The ceremonies are at 12pm and 4pm, so try get there around 8 to check for keys. If you get straight in, you can use the extra time to do other parts.

PART I – The Titans

[Tribal Village]

{Normal} – Normally the village is not burnt, and you will need to walk into the centre of the village where the sacrifice area is. Once there, at 12 and 4 pm the chieftain will come out and start the ritual. Simply say “yes” to him, then spam stand (or say stand if you’re mounted) and he will send you down into the pit. From there, spam north until you reach the raft. It’s a good idea to try time this until just after a tick to prevent the random death trap killing anyone when you fall. The village also offers a reagent shop (all west from sacrifice area) and a televiewing mob (all East from sacrifice pit) when not burnt.

{Burnt} – When the village is burnt, which happens on specific moon phases, you can simply walk into the village at any time to get up into the clouds. When it’s burnt go all north, down and spam all north until on the raft. Normal random death occurs within the pit still.

[Volcano] [Key Items: Zapper Fang, Firecat Whisker]

{Clouds} Follow the path: sw, w, nw, nw, nw, d, ne, ne, d, se, se, s, d, n.
Kill any zappers along the way. If you reach the bottom and don't obtain a fang, work your way back up finding and killing zappers until you have one. When you enter the "n" on the end of the path, make sure your entire form isn't casting and is with you, as you will be instantly teleported. Often it’s a good idea to send your formation in first before the person with the fang walks into the room.

Follow the path: s, ne
Kill fire cats in this area until you have a whisker (loads on the ground when they die), when you have the fang AND whisker in your inventory, and your entire form is ready, again send them into the room with the gate keeper and have the person with the whisker and fang walk in afterwards.

Follow the path: ne, e, d, ne, se, d, ne, e, d, nw, d, s.
When you enter the final s room, you need to walk in, not flee in. Bring your whole party in and answer the riddle using sayto when you know it. A couple of the riddles answers are:

- What's 4 and 5? Answer: "9"
- What smells good after death? Answer: "pig"
- What comes without being fetched? Answer: "stars"
- The more you take, the more you leave behind? Answer: "footsteps"
- Hope of everyone on this terrestrial ball? Answer: "tomorrow"
- Works while broken? Answer: “heart”
- Brings sadness, happiness? Answer: “memory”
- Never was, always to be, confidence of all? Answer: “tomorrow”
- Ripped from my mother's womb, I become a blood-thirsty slayer? Answer: “iron”

Once you answer correctly, you will be at the Catacombs of Mist.

[Catacombs of Mist] [Key Items: Bloody Wind Pipe, Eye of Death] Follow the path: 5e, 5s, sw, nw, sw, nw, sw, 3 nw, 3 n
Along this path, after the 5e, you will encounter 3 dizzy rooms in a row. You’ll need to dispel or flee a lot to get through them. Dispel is recommended, bring an orb if you can. After the jagged sw, nw, etc path, the second nw will be through a wall, into 2 rooms full of mobs. Normally it’s best to attack mobs in the first room and flee north, so you can walk through the wall in the north room.

You will then be face to face with Leandra.

Leandra Encounter: Leandra is relatively easy. Spell her up as much as possible before attacking her. Have a Psionic plague her, then have someone flee and antimagic the room. Cycle tanks as needed, reapply antimagic and plague as needed. Each time antimagic runs out, have the entire formation recast spells on her while the antimagic person attempts to recast it. When she dies pick up the eye from the ground.
Follow the path: (3s, 3se, ne, se, ne, se, 5n, 5w) to go back.

Now back at the safe, have everyone respell up, regen to full and have everyone removing flaming gear.
Follow the path: 3n,w,n. When ready, unlock north and have your main tank walk in first and begin attacking her. Everyone else should follow afterwards.

Laerethanel Encounter: Once you begin fighting him, don’t plan to flee. The door will randomly close and lock you in, so if you aren’t strong enough to take him without fleeing, you’d best get more people. Otherwise, pretty simple. Just keep healing the tank. Laerethanel is immuned to all forms of anti-regeneration, so you need to rely on preservation of mana. The room is also low regen. Use cure light where possible, and if you get low on mana, remove your haste. Once Laerethanel is dead, Leandra’s ghost will appear and speak a little. Remember to wait until the windpipe drops and pick it up, then enter portal.

Part II – Maze
*Get 1 person to kill water beast. And the remaining of the form can obtain items from the maze.
[Water Beast] [Key Item: a silver goblet]
From water garden, all north, east, SE, down (wait for teleport)
Follow the path: NW, N, N, D, NE, SE, S, SE, SE, S, S, (dig)
[Pixie will ask you if you want to kill the beast;say yes;it will open the SE exit]
Be invis, defense dodge, get equipment ready. Beast can be spelled up fully. He scream paralyzes. Loot a silver goblet from him. Once he is dead, go up (wait for teleport)
Follow path: w, s, s, w, w
Now you will be back at entrance to hotel (where the latch is; columned portico.)

[Hedge Maze] [Key Items: Cog, Gem Encrusted Key, Ice Covered Key, Hedge Key, a petrified twig]
Hidden at the shed, all west, all north, all east (search) from the entrance.
Once inside, spam north to go through all the hedges and to get past the vines. Once at a dead end, head 5 east, 3 north, east, 2 north, northwest, 2 west, south, east, south, 2 west, 2 north, 3 west, north, west, south, west, south, 4 east, up, and north. This will bring you to the troll.

Troll Encounter: Troll is hidden, is a psionic and will regularly break forms. He's easy, attack, dispel and hit him with bash or energy weapons and spells. Repeat until you obtain a twig from him (key item).

Continue, north, down, north, east, south. Search to reveal a northeast, unlock with the twig and go in.
Gargoyle encounter: He's hard to dispel, so it's far easier to just attack if you're in a group. Web him, make sure EVERYONE has autoloot on as his corpse explodes. Grab the gem encrusted key (key item) from him. After he's dead, have everyone enter the pool.

Then head 2 east, 2 north, northeast, east, 3 south, east, south, east, 4 south, east, 3 north, east, 6 north, east, 5 south, southeast through the wall. This room is a safe room in the fact it's no-mob, so heal up and armor up in here in preperation for the next battle. Then head south, west, 2 south, and east into CPK.

Unruh Encounter: Unruh is in a CPK room, so be careful not to die. He'll continually summon hell hounds if you spook them out of the room until he has no more room in his formation. There are 4 methods to killing this guy. First, use a psionic to continually spook out the hellhounds until his formation is full. Second, blind the hell hound he summons, calm and attack continually until he dies. Third, use a flash bomb on him, blind him and the hellhound (easy). Once he's dead, the tank will more than likely be webbed, so ward up. Make sure you loot a misshaped cog from him (key item). The room is vanish-drop so don’t drop anything important here.

Once you have the cog, head west, 2 north, east, north and heal up again. When ready, go northwest back through the wall, then 9 north [be careful and make sure this is EXACT, 1 too many and you can't get back], east, south, 6 east, south, 3 east, south, east, 3 north, west, south. Around here (northwards back around the path) is a mob that is hidden and requires sense life, he has an icy key, which is needed to leave the hedge maze. You can steal this or kill him for it. Once you obtain the key, return to the place you left and unlock the door down.

Unlock the door; go down, north and west. In this room or the room west is a guard, he has an icy guard key, another required item to leave. Steal or kill for this key too, then head west, south, west through the door. Search to obtain the fountain key, last key needed to leave. Go east, unlock south, go south, search, unlock up and up. Get everyone to drink from this fountain until they get teleported away. Note: If you have someone who can't drink water in the form, tell them to go west until they see a skeleton and enter it. Go 4 south and you're out of the hedge maze. Follow the path all west, all south and 3 east to the start.

** Everything from the hedge maze has now been obtained. **

PART III - Hotel
[Gargoyle Maze] [Key Items: a small key]
From Columned Portico, follow the path: 5n, e, 2n, 5e, s, (search) e, [unlock down – need gem encrusted key][open down], d, sw, e, e, se, w, w, nw. ne. [search], down.

Put the artifacts in the altar when it appears (fang, windpipe, whisker, goblet, cog). Grab the small key off the ground.
Follow the path: e, n, e, nw, sw, u, w, n, 5w, 2s, w
This brings you to the clock. If your group did not follow you down into the Gargoyle Maze, bring them all north from the Columned Portico.

[Hotel Roof] [Key Items: Rooftop Key]
Wear cog, use cog, and have everyone enter grand. Spell up and take break if needed. Veldra is next, so be ready with shields and dispelling weapons.

Unlock south, s, 6e, se, sw, se, sw, se, sw, nw. - Look for Veldra.

Veldra Encounter: She scream paralyzes, casts bolt to random people in the formation. Dispel her with dispelling weapons, weaken her and plague her (again, Psionic plague works best). It’s also recommended that you either have a shield on, with defense to auto or shield block, or have up telekinetic shield. Anyone with under 2500 HP should not participate in this encounter. Occasionally, she will calm to cast swarm and then ice wind. So as soon as she calms, re-attack her. She also randomly hurts critically anyone in the form. Heal anyone who is low. She will drop a key to the floor. Grab the key and…
Follow the path: 2w, nw, sw, 3w, n, unlock east.

Veldra Encounter 2: She will appear as Suzarra. Here you can look at Suzarra to see what possible loot you can get from her. Attack Suzarra and she will turn back into Veldra. Keep loot on. Veldra gives the Mark of Success, but now it seems to be on a random. Loot the keys from her corpse.
Follow the path: s, 3e, ne, se, 2e, se, ne, nw, ne, nw, ne, nw, 6w, n
Back to the antechamber. Wait here while an earthquake happens and once over, stand up and rebuff and rewear your armor.

[Hotel Rooftop] [Key Items: a small bone key]
From the antechamber, unlock up and…
Follow the path: 2 up, s, 5e, se, sw, se, sw, se, sw, se, sw, 4w, n, ne, e
You will now be at the Warmaster.

Warmaster Encounter: He is a psionic, he calms, and memory drains to attack. Dispel with dispelling weapons first up, use normal casting tactics. If he calms, have the main tank attack again, so he memory drains them instead of other people. Make sure at least one person always has cure blindness memorized. Cure plagues if you desire by fleeing west and coming back in. Psionic plague works wonders here. Have auto loot on, as his corpse explodes. Warmaster gives the Mark of Sanity, but this mark also seems to be on a random.

Follow the path: w, sw, 4w, s, 3w, n, nw, ne, (Search for northeast) 2ne, se, 2n, 2e, 2s (walkthrough), u
Kill Guardians, they are ethereal. Area attack spells work to hurt them. Get the small bone key. Tell all the formation to go down, and the person with the key stays up, unlocks south and goes south. Suzarra will reward them and they will be teleported back at the entrance gates. The rest of the formation can go back up, south and say exit to leave.


From Leandra: kiss of death stiletto, death-head bracelet, web of lies
From Laerethanel: ice wind scroll (opalescent blue), ironheart axe, seven faces of death
From Veldra: onyx mortar and pestle, reanimate scroll (glowing crystalline), swarm scroll (musty black), Veldra’s silk gloves, Uzbaki Staff
From Warmaster: Bascinet, dark corseque (polearm), ironheart axe, Uzbaki Cloak
From Suzarra: 3 types of favors [sidhe/fey only 1 charge of abjure per day, 5 charges of forget per day], Suzarra’s breastplate, Lock of Suzarra’s Hair

Elemental Hydra

This run will start at the Towne Square of Xaventry. It will be completely off my memory like the seahag guide since I can't check anything. I recommend at least a form of 3 for this with a bard. If you have a good psionic to tank with crystals it will be alot easier.

From towne square, go east south until east and east into the Temple of Vandyne. Go east until southeast and head up, then southwest north and up. You'll need to levitate here. Search and go up through the door. From here go northeast, dispel the room and go west. Just wait to be teleported. This is probably the most frustrating part of the run. You need to make it to the far east side, but there's no way to mark the rooms or dispel them and they're all dizzy. The rooms are vanish-items so don't bother trying to drop anything. Just spam alot and scan every time you move rooms to see if you're at the end. When you are at the end you'll only be able to see nothing in the west direction. Just wait here a couple of seconds and you'll be teleported upto the Vandyne Priestess. She's 2 southeast and in a magic room, all the rooms around her are nomagic except for northwest, northeast, north. She's not really hard and just casts priest spells. It's hard but possible to dispel her then curse and weaken her. Just attack and healing is the easiest way to go, you need to get a rusted iron key from her, once you have this, just recall out of the room.

Now that you have the first key, only 1 left to go and it's right near the Hydra's entrance. Head east, north, all east, west(if you go into the shop), all north, 2south(if you go into the shaman's area) and then east and northeast. You should be with a gateguard now, kill him and get the key from him to the temple. Unlock the door and go in, head south and just follow the path around until you're on the far east side. Search in the center and you'll find a hidden door. Go into the door and follow the path east, down, 2 west. This room will teleport you after a couple of seconds and send you into a maze filled with fire elementals. The easiest way out of here is just to spam east and reach the southeast corner. From this corner, spam down and it will take you up to an abyss. Go to the northeast corner and wait to be teleported. Now you'll be up near the priestess, this whole area is no magic but the priestess' area. South is a safe room and the priestess is in a private/CPK room so only 1 person can fight it at a time. She's pretty easy, you can't dispel her anymore but poison/plague/weaken her and she'll go down moderately quickly. A soldier always helps here.

You need to get a brass key from her, then go east search and unlock the down. I recommend locking it behind you. Have your party prepare for the upcoming fight and make sure they all have levitation on them. If you have a psionic tanking, have them cast telekinetic shield to block the breathes. Three mutani herbs would help here, but aren't required since forms follow you through dizzy rooms now. Once you're all ready go east and keep spamming it in lots slowly until you're all east, unlock and open the east door and spam east until you finally get in the room.
(Make sure you do this quick as repop time is 15mins and it can lock on you.)

Once you're in, have the bard slow the hydra and a psi plague it. It has little HP so it will die fast, and as long as everyone heals you, you'll have no problem. Elemental bracelets repop around 20% of the time. The portal in here will take you to the maradas temple when you want to leave and the room is no-quit so if you void out, you'll go back to recall.

Lord Alymar

First and foremost, since this run is entirely in New Kolvir, it's also entirely CPK, so don't wear anything you aren't willing to lose.

There are two ways to kill Lord Alymar, with 241 flash bombs and without. Killing him with them is much easier, so if you can get them, do it.

Here are some places they pop:

  • Wallin, the bell repairer in the Church of Acceptance in New Kolvir
  • Alchemists in Templeton Castle
  • Fey Monks in Templeton Catacombs
  • Lakaros, who is right before Lord Alymar
  • Automatons in Vesuvius drop 230 flash bombs, which work nearly as well.

If you want to kill him without much trouble, you should have at least 3 bombs, preferably more. Just to note, he IS killable without flashes, it's just more tedious.

From the entrance to New Kolvir, with pass door on, go all east, all north, up, and south. From here, you'll see a three-way fork, southwest, south, and southeast. The southeast path is by far the easiest, with no dizzies and only one silent room. The others feature nomagic and dizzy rooms. However, scan before you move. If there are two or more mobs southeast, you're going to want to get a calm mix or go a different direction. After the first room southeast, however, you can just calm your way through. Remember you can cure light in a silent room.

After going southeast, all south, southwest, move south into Lakaros' room. He carries a wooden pestle, the key for Alymar's room, and spawns 241 bombs. Dispel him fully, web him first, then kill him.

Note: Once you kill Lakaros, the exit north will close until repop, barring anyone from entering and providing some security.

Go southeast, southwest, then unlock north. You'll see Lord Alymar and General Kahlir waiting. They both cast highly offensive magic, including web, silence, and both bolts. Go north and dispel and spell up both of them, be sure to curse if you have it.

A few notes before the actual combat:

  • General Kahlir will sometimes agro you, and sometimes he won't. Keep this in mind throughout the whole battle.
  • General Kahlir also has a strange script, where you see the flee string, but he will ALWAYS end up back in the the throne room, so don't bother trying to keep him out.
  • Remember to keep an eye on where if it isn't shift time.
  • Alymar is resistant to weapon, bash, fire, holy, silver, and paralysis, so choose your weapon wisely.

Now, there's two possibilities.

A. With flash bombs:
Once they're both dispelled and cursed, throw a flash bomb and hope. If it gets blinds both of them, attack Alymar quickly and do as much damage as possible. If it doesn't throw your remaining bombs until they are both blind. Once they unblind, flee south, return, and repeat. Hopefully they'll die before you run out of bombs, if you do run out of bombs, move onto option B.

B. Without flash bombs:
Once they're spelled up, you're pretty much going to just damage/flee Alymar. Timing is everything in this, because if you flee and come back too quickly, you could catch them finishing off web, and be in trouble. You want to go in and either just bash/cast and then flee. Repeat this until Alymar dies, making sure he stays spelled up. Once you're done, go two south from the throne room through a hidden wall, you can recall/gohall from here.

Lord Alymar drops:
Heaven's Wrath, 240 flail which is dispelling and does holy wrath damage.
The royal robe of Lord Alymar, 240 cpk proof armor worn about the body with pass door and +~50 hp.
The crown of Lord Alymar, a 240 head armor with sense life and +wisdom, personality, and courage, along with -2 armor.
A dragon tear necklace, a 240 necklace with 7-9 damage, resistance to silver, and sanctuary.

General Kahlir drops:
The axe of guardianship, a 238 one-handed flaming axe, with -2 sanity, wisdom, vitality, and knowledge, it also casts blindness on the wearer.

All of these items expire in a month.