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Mark of Community

Complete the puzzle involving the sleeping heads on an island in Arcane, when completed take the coconut to the orc in rune forest and give it to him. This can currently only be tried once a put all the heads to sleep - think of the area as a tic-tac-toe grid numbered thus: 123 456 789 walk across the 456 row looking north put 123 to sleep from squares 456. walk across the 789 row looking north put 456 to sleep from squares 789. you will end up with one of the configurations below - where x=asleep and o=awake if you are really lucky the bottom row will be asleep but more likely... go to each of the squares following the relevant grid and lullaby - obviously you will wake some but if you do the whole sequence they will all be asleep with the last lullaby. xxx xxx oxx 5, 3, 5, 7, 1, 3, 6, 9, 2 xxx xxx xox 7, 2, 9, 5, 7, 1, 3, 9 xxx xxx xxo 5, 1, 5, 9, 3, 1, 4, 7, 2 xxx xxx oox 6, 1, 5, 7, 9, 3, 1 xxx xxx xoo 4, 3, 5, 9, 7, 1, 3 xxx xxx oxo 7, 5, 6, 4, 9, 5, 7, 9, 3, 1 xxx xxx ooo 8, 5, 4, 2, 6, 8Once all the heads are asleep pull on the coconut tree in the center for the coconut to fall out of the tree. Grab it and head to Rune Forest, find the Orc wandering around and he should ask you a question. Simply reply with yes.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Defenses are easily one of the most needed thing in the game, however, these must be practiced up as they're skills. There are currently 8 different defences, 3 of them are spells, the other 5 are proficiencies.

Once you gain a defense, it's a good idea to train it to the max to allow betters to increase them. Once you train a defense you have to set it to use it by typing "combat defense ". You may also type combat defense auto to use them randomly each round, however this is only good if all your defenses are around the same %.
Below is a list of all the defenses and how they work.

Acrobatics - This once was the best defense to use, however now it's just another one in the bunch. You can't use this skill while mounted and it offers no special abilities.

Combat Blink - A monk only spell, when cast it will give you 3-5 armor depending on your level and allow you to "blink" away from your attacker. To use this defense you must set your defense to either none or auto. It will work far less on auto.

Dodge - Easily the best defense in the game, dodge is given at a low class level and doesn't take alot to train it to max. Dodge also allows you to evade bites from mobs that paralyze and poison and can be used while mounted and unmounted.

Invoke Dust - This spell is given only to druids. Much like the monk only spell, combat blink, it works the same way only it doesn't give the caster any armor. You must set your defense to none or auto if you want this to work.

Magical Fade - A skill unique to faeries, it's a great skill to practice up. It works as soon as the character is created and it works quite often as the complex is extremely low. The only downside to this skill is you have to goto the faerie plane to practice it up, which is very harsh on lower level characters.

Parry - Very limited, this defense isn't really a widely used defense. You can only parry using certain weapons and you can't parry hand to hand attacks, which most mobs use. The only real purpose to using this defence is if you want to put your defense on auto.

Shield Block - This skill will allow you to block projectiles and breathes, as well as any weapon. However, it will not block any hand to hand attacks. This is a great skill to practice up and it will come in handy many times.

Telekinetic Shield - A very handy spell, and one of the best defenses. This spell can be cast while your defense is set to anything else and doubles it up, such as dodge and the spell. It will block projectiles and breathes but it won't block weapons. However, this spell costs a focusing crystal to cost and it saps spell points from you regularly.


Armor is something that everyone has to have. It's the easiest and best way to reduce damage inflicted from hits and spells in combat. There are 4 different types of armor, Pierce, Slash, Bash and Exotic, they each apply to the type of damage dealt from weapons and spells. Spells, all minus the telekinetic punch/bash/slash/pierce spells will work against your exotic rating. Any weapon that doesn't fit into the slash/bash/pierce sections will also go into exotic.

Armor works on a base damage of 100%, meaning each hit to you will cycle through your armor and decrease by the amount you have in that section on the part of your body hit. For example, if you're hit by someone or thing that does 100 damage and they hit your leg, it will first go through the leg filter, which reduces it to 50%, then through your armor, which if it was at 50 would reduce it to 50% again, to 25 damage. On top of that, there are spells like Sanctuary and Protection from Evil which will reduce the damage further.

Armor can also be gained through the use of spells, which is probably the best way to reach the max of 75armor in all areas. Below is a list of all the armor spells that can be cast and approximately how much they give at archon level. (The armor given will be lower, depending on your current class.)

Combat Blink
Elemental Shield
Force Shield
Invoke Ice
Invoke Ooze
Lightning Shroud
Stone Skin
Telekinetic Shield
Shadow Armor


Combat Aim

Aiming is an option in the combat system that allows you directly target a specific part of someones or things body. There are different benifits for aiming at different parts of the body.

If you aim for the head of a target, this will give 125% of your normal damage for each hit you get, however your accuracy will be greatly reduced and unless you're mounted with a high ACC weapon, will more than likely miss most of the time.

Aiming for the torso, which is probably the most targeted location, will result in a normal 100% damage and normal accuracy based on your weapon and any other items that effect it. This is best for anyone that doesn't want to risk losing hits for better damage, and it will probably end up resulting in the same amount as targeting the head, even mounted.

Aiming for the arms or legs will cause the damage dealt to drop to 75% of the original damage, but the accuracy will be raised dramatically, this is best for low acc weapons and unmounted people.

Finally, the tail and wings, these are more difficult to hit and take alot less damage, 25% infact of your original damage. The accuracy to hit these is low and the damage is low, so there's practically no point in aiming for these locations.

If you wish to change your aiming location type combat aim , to view where you're currently aiming, type combat info.

Hunter Guide

Hunters and Soloing them

This guide is designed for new archons or people planning on archoning soon and want to gain a little knowledge on hunter fights before hand. It's also based on soloing hunters, since sharing AP isn't favored by everyone. Also, this guide is for new archons, so I have left masters off the lists.

A rift appears in time and space, glowing brilliantly!
The above line is an indication that a hunter rifted to you and if it attacks you, it belongs to you.

Type of your hunter?
First thing to do once you have a hunter is determine what type of hunter it is. The quickest way is to look in the room, is it hidden or visible?

If it's hidden you have either (note that combat will dispel the hidden and sneaking affects):

* Generic, these like to kick to start combat when you enter the room.
* Bomber (alchemist), these throw bombs and breathe fire.

If it's visible:

* Magic immune - this type is the only hunter to have just sanctuary on.
* Summoner - as the name implies these summon elementals and cast swarm. (You will need sense life cast to see it though, as with bombers and generics combat negates the sneaking effect)
* Witch - poison breath will identify this type.
* Druid - identified by its casting of druid spells.

Of course you can always get an:

* Ethereal hunter - As the name implies, it's ethereal, and also likes to breathe lightning.

Hunter Profiles:

Generic -

*, the Archon Hunter is immune to: summon charm poison
*, the Archon Hunter is resistant to: negative energy disease necromantic silver
*, the Archon Hunter is affected by the following magical effects:
* 'Sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'Fireshield', cast at level 350.
* 'Haste', cast at level 350.
* 'Armor', cast at level 177. (If wearing mirror shield)

Additional Info:
Can cast augment aura.
Will attempt to sneak.
Will attempt to hide.
Can kick during combat, up to two times a round.
May summon you, if you flee combat.

Bomber -

*, the Archon Hunter is immune to: summon charm paralysis
*, the Archon Hunter is resistant to: slash poison negative disease necromantic
*, the Archon Hunter is vulnerable to: magic
*, the Archon Hunter is affected by the following magical effects:
* 'Sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'Fireshield', cast at level 350.
* 'Armor', cast at level 180. (If wearing mirror shield)

Additional Info:
Will attempt to sneak.
Will attempt to hide.
Can bash during combat, up to two times a round.

Magic Immune -

Immune to read aura

Additional Info:
Can cast augment aura.

Summoner -

*, the Archon Hunter is immune to: summon charm disease
*, the Archon Hunter is resistant to: magic pierce poison negative necromantic
*, the Archon Hunter is affected by the following magical effects:
* 'Sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'Fireshield', cast at level 350.
* 'Haste', cast at level 350.
* 'Armor', cast at level 183. (If wearing mirror shield)

Additional Info:
Will attempt to sneak.
Can bash during combat, up to two times a round.
Can cast elemental shield.

Witch -

*, the Archon Hunter is immune to: summon charm poison light
*, the Archon Hunter is resistant to: negative disease necromantic
*, the Archon Hunter is vulnerable to: mental
*, the Archon Hunter is affected by the following magical effects:
* 'Sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'Fireshield', cast at level 350.
* 'Armor', cast at level 177. (If wearing mirror shield)

Additional Info:
May summon you, if you flee combat.

Druid -

*, the Archon Hunter is immune to: summon charm poison
*, the Archon Hunter is resistant to: bash pierce slash negative energy disease necromantic iron
*, the Archon Hunter is affected by the following magical effects:
* 'Sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'Fireshield', cast at level 350.
* 'Armor', cast at level 177. (If wearing mirror shield)

Additional Info:
Can cast elemental shield.

Ethereal -

*, the Archon Hunter is immune to: summon charm poison petrification
*, the Archon Hunter is resistant to: negative disease necromantic
*, the Archon\ Hunter is affected by the following magical effects:
* 'Sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'Fireshield', cast at level 350.
* 'Armor', cast at level 180. (If wearing mirror shield)

Additional Info:
Can cast elemental shield.

Killing your hunter

While killing all hunters is basically spelling them up and wearing them down without getting killed, each type is has different strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what affects your hunter is important, casting dispel on magic immune for example will just waste sp and sunstones, here's a run down of the different types.

Generic - For those who are able to, this type can be dispelled. Once you've got it dispelled, you can spell them up normally with faerie fire (FF), weaken, plague and curse (whatever you have at your disposal). Once spelled up you can try to counterspell (CS) their spells, since spells are the where the real damage comes from, with the counterspell change this method is hard though. Another way to kill these is if you have some high level flash bombs, you can dispel them, curse and then try to blind them with the flash bombs. This will give you time to spell them up and spam some damage spells and hopefully keep them blinded the whole fight. Generic will start to attempt to flee at around agony so try to web them before then.

Bombers - This type is my least favorite of all hunters, they spam dispel, high explosive(HE), throw negation bombs and flash bombs, this means lots of fleeing and spelling back up, being blinded and a lot of healing. Fortunately they have the least HP of all the hunters. They can be dispelled to make them easier. However it takes a hell of a lot of casts, so you would rather spell them up normally with whatever spells you have. FF, weaken, plague, poison and curse will all land on them, again like dispel they are hard to land. Bashing bombers and fleeing to heal/avoid web is a good strategy for anyone who has around 2000hp. Bombers will try to flee at agony and are a nightmare to catch, one trick is to fight them in a small area (such as the fighting school in Rigel or to room shield yourself in to a 2 room area, when they reach agony so they can only flee one way each time and still leave yourself room to flee into should you need to heal up. Be warned bombers can do some serious damage especially with no weapon equipped, fire breath, spells and all sorts of bombs thrown at you.

Magic Immune - This type are completely immune to dispel and most damage type spells. As with all hunters, FF and weaken are good spells to cast first as they land 100% of the time. Magic immune hunters can be plagued and cursed, which this will make the fight very easy. This type doesn't have much hp and bashing will soon wear them down. CS works on immunes, but they can be killed easier with bash and refresh spam. Magic immune also have the great benefit of not fleeing, leaving you open to spam damage all the way to the end without running around after it trying to web.

Druid - Again this is another type that can be dispelled, and the usual FF, weaken, plague and curse combo will make the fight quicker although curse and plague are resisted a lot. High level flash bombs also land at a decent rate, which will obviously make the fight much easier. Counterspelling is also usually effective on druids. This type tends to have a lot of hp but they also have the benefit of been weak to fire based attacks, jade wands, flame wind and HE will all work great, they do however resist both bash landing and the damage from bashing. Also, like magic immune hunters, druids will not attempt to flee.

Witch - This type can be dispelled, however of all the hunters these are amongst the hardest to dispel, you can get it in 1 cast or 60 casts. If you aren't too bothered about the dispelling or just can't, you should try to plague it from the start along with the normal spelling up - ff and weaken. Once plagued it's either time to try curse or CS. If you can CS silence on to a witch they will start to try cast extinction and fatigue, so keep up with the CS, backfiring an extinction onto a witch will aid you greatly. As with druid and magic immune types, witches wont flee, but they will sometimes cast momentary darkness at the end, so if you can't dispel area be sure to have sense life on so you can loot.

Summoner - Can be dispelled, but are immune to all forms of plague . FF, weaken, curse and poison will all land pretty easily on a summoner. There are three good strategies for fighting a summoner if you are not psionic, the first is to attack and flee to fill its form up and then run somewhere else that it will have to rift too. Once it rifts look at the hunter to check it's still formed as they do some times break form upon rifting. The second way is to flash bomb the form once it's full, this has the added bonus of sometimes blinding the hunter too. The third is to web anything it summons and walk 1 room away, let the hunter follow you and repeat, till its form is full and you can then kill it on its own. If you are Sidhe or Fey you can poison gas the rooms you are fighting in, this will save you trying to poison the hunter in combat and it lasts long enough to re-affect the hunter should it wear off. Along with the elementals the hunter will cast swarm, the wasps can paralyze so be careful should they be the creature which swarm calls; bats don't have detect invisibility so they wont enter combat if you are invisible, but beware of getting webbed and dispelled. Summoners will try to flee at agony so they need to be webbed. In addition, psionics can obviously spook the elementals away which is very effective.

Ethereal - If you are fortunate enough to own a dispelling weapon then it's just a case of wearing it and keeping healed up until it's dispelled, then FF, weaken, curse and plague. If you don't have a dispelling weapon you can try to use negation bombs to remove the eth, though this is quite time-consuming. It's better to farm flash bombs from a mob (the alchemists assistants in Templeton are good for flash and negation bombs, as are the fey monks in Templeton catacombs) and keep the hunter blind then bash or throw HE if you have any. Ethereal hunters also breathe lightning which will lag you occasionally.

A few hints and tips:

Get a little help from NPCs. Toy soldiers work great once your hunter is spelled up, make an alias to drop them some equipment and then orders the soldier to get all, equip all. I like to use a haste item (serpent ring), ice sword from hunters and some royal slippers for a bit of extra damage.

The Bronze bell quest item is also handy to use, if you don't have one you can get summon wands from Templeton catacombs (necromancers near the entrance have them occasionally). These will help take away the defences of the hunter so you can do more damage with your weapon.

Check your hunter for weapons and shield, if it is armed then use shield block, this seems to block more spells than having it on just auto. Also, if it has a shield, try to avoid spells that can be shield blocked, as it is a waste of a round and sp you could have used for something else.

Keeping safe, you won't always be in a place where you ideally can fight your hunter, but having a safe room close by is always a big advantage. You can wait out spell effects such as energy orb or extinction, and heal at the same time. A safe room with a priest is good if you don't mind spending gold, you can shop buy 9 (aura cleansing) to remove bad affects, I use it mainly for silence, it will takes a couple of casts to remove silence, depending on the cleric's level.

Avoid spells that will hinder your killing, the main one I look out for is the archon hunter begins casting a spell... this is usually fatigue, which will reduce the amount of bashing you can do and make music cost more. It also lasts for ages so try to avoid it. Try to stay free from plague and poison, curing it as soon as you can.

Try to stay above 1100hp, a HE to the head (hunters like to spam HE) and a full round of combat will more than likely kill you if you fall below this. This is especially true for bombers who also get breathe attacks.

If you have them scribed and are in a non-pk room, casting poison gas and disease cloud in the room is a excellent idea, hunters seem to resist their effects a lot less than casting the spells individually, and it's more sp efficient for you.

Some advice on casting strings:

Ordantius, the Archon Hunter begins muttering an incantation and making arcane gestures…
This type of spell is usually going to be a damage spell (think HE, ice wind, reflective fireball, chain lightning, flame wind) or a status type spell (weaken, silence, fatigue, web, plague, poison) for this type of spell, try to avoid casting a spell into it, if you do this and it's a shield blockable spell then the hp you just saved from blocking will aid you more than whatever you were going to do.

Ordantius, the Archon Hunter begins muttering an incantation...
This type can be dangerous, for example a generic hunter will spam this, as its casting tremor, but it can also be conjure boulder, which is blockable. Since tremor does very little damage, you can try to avoid casting into this type to save on hp loss, or try get off a cure light. When hunters drop down to around vomiting this type can also be a heal spell, however be warned there is always a chance of this spell being a firebolt or a icebolt. I prefer not to cast into this type, since saving hp from shield blocking is far more useful than the small amount of hp a healing spell will restore.

Ordantius, the Archon Hunter begins making arcane gestures…
Junk spells, we are talking spark and such, no problems here, cast away.

Ordantius, the Archon Hunter begins reciting an evocation...
Again junk spells, hunter druidic spells don't hurt so you can do whatever you need.

Knowing the rules of when to cast and when not to cast, will make killing hunters much easier. Taking damage from a chain lightning all because you cast a spell isn't worth the damage taken, and if you manage to block it you will have saved a few rounds of healing to restore the hp lost. It does take some practice to get used to, but once you get the feel for it, you'll see how much it helps.

Pet Tricks!

To make activities with your pet a little more interesting, you can buy books to teach them different tricks and how to respond to them. These books are available at the same place where you buy your vouchers and accessories. All commands and tricks are asked to perform by using the syntax: Sayto (cat name) [command or trick]

1) A feline training guide, volume 1 costs 5 RU and can teach your pet the following tricks:

* Kiss(targetted) - Silver bounces toward you, presses her nose to your nose and licks you!
* Multiply number1 and number2 - Silver begins drawing with her paw, first drawing the multiplication problem - Number1 times Number2 - then the solution, from right to left... Silver draws out Number with her paw. (until she finishes). Then Silver meows proudly with satisfaction.
* Play Dead - The body of Silver goes limp and plops down on the floor, as if the life has suddenly been sucked out of it. The body of Silver suddenly becomes reanimated.
* Sic(targetted) -
* Sit - Silver sits down and rests.
* Stand - Silver stops lounging around.

2) A feline training guide, volume 2, costs 7 RU and can teach your pet the following tricks:

* Beg - Silver sits back on her haunches and tilts her head to one side, looking at you. Silver meows at you and lifts her paws up, batting at the air.
* Bow - Silver looks at you curiously, then bows her head to the ground, flicking her tail in the air.
* Circle(targetted) - Silver runs around you in circles!
* Fetch(targetted) - Silver examines the room carefully. (until she finds it, picks it up, and drops it)
* Find(targetted) - Silver looks away, waiting for you to find a hiding place. After you hide: Silver examines the room carefully, looking for her target. Having spotted you, Silver crouches down and POUNCES! on top of you, then licks you.
* Hide -
* Jump - Silver jumps around.
* Roll Over - Silver crouches low to the ground and rolls over, exposing her tummy momentarily.

Some of these "tricks" can just make your pet perform emotes, such as kiss and circle. Others have different functions like hide can teach your pet to play hide and seek or find a hidden item around the house. Sic orders your pet to attack someone. This will affect the pet's opinion of them and it may be hard or even impossible to make it like them later, so use this with caution.

Toys can have special effects on your pet. The only known toy so far is the battered pink mouse, and one of the locations it can be obtained from, is Hargraven in Hellbent Mountain. The following are the reactions of your pet if it's at the highest level loyalty:

Get mouse out of your container:
Silver regards you with interest.

Hold the mouse:
Silver meows, head cocked to one side.

USE mouse: You squeeze a battered pink mouse and it squeaks! Squeaky, squeaky.
Silver bats at a battered pink mouse. OR
Silver pounces at a battered pink mouse, causing you to drop it. (You will drop it, pick it up)

Put it back inside a container:
Silver looks very disappointed.

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Diocletian Orbs

When you walked into the Emperor of Diocletian's room in the Palace of Diocletian you may have triggered him to say something about having his orbs stolen... sounds like a dirty joke, doesn't it?

Emperor Diocletian exclaims, 'Ohhh woe is me, time is getting close, if someone does not recover the prized orbs that the thief Agerfoyle stole, all of Diocletian will be destroyed!'

All of the orbs can be found in Diocletian, although one can actually be found in two places...

'I will help' you say to Emperor Diocletian.
Emperor Diocletian tells you 'I cannot risk the life of one such mortal as ye, However if thou can prove thee worth I shall reconsider.'

Emperor Diocletian tells you 'Find the great scholar Archibold and if ye can get him to speak to thee about the matters at hand I will honor thy able. Return to me with his words of wisdom soon as time in running out.'

Emperor Diocletian gives you a golden seal.

Visit Archibold, the great scholar, in the Diocletian Basilica. Be sure to bring along a psionic because Archibold will want to communicate his message to you using esp.

Archibold the Great Scholar whispers to your mind, 'Ahh a brave adventurer has decided to help save our great city! I cannot speak the phrase aloud for traitors might hear me.'

Archibold the Great Scholar whispers to your mind, 'Listen closely to your thoughts and ye shall know what to say to the emperor.'

Archibold the Great Scholar closes his eyes in deep concentration.

Archibold the Great Scholar whispers to your mind, 'For the four elements I shall avenge the theft and return peace to the mighty Diocletian.'

Archibold the Great Scholar gives you a blue rhinestone.

It seems kind of ridiculous to me that Archie can say the first two lines into any non-psionic's mind, but can't tell you the phrase unless you are a psionic... So, then you take the phrase and the rhinestone you have obtained back to Emperor Diocletian. Thanks to Rka for being my psionic enabler for this.

'For the four elements I shall avenge the theft and return peace to the mighty Diocletian.' you say to Emperor Diocletian.

'I grant thee honorable and able to accomplish the task at hand.' Emperor Diocletian says. 'Good to luck to thee and return my orbs safely please! Time is growing shorter and shorter as we speak.'

Emperor Diocletian tells you 'I have already hired a brave being to help reacquire the orbs. However, he has not yet returned, seek him out and perhaps ye shall be able to learn useful information.'

Emperor Diocletian tells you 'My hired help be one who is skilled in the art of fighting and is waiting around the area. Hurry before it is too late.'
Emperor Diocletian tells you 'Take this seal so he knows I have sent you.'

Emperor Diocletian gives you an emerald seal.

And thus, Emperor Diocletian has given you the necessary clues to progress you onto the next step in your journey. But who is this person that you need to seek out? He wasn't very specific... It needs to be someone who works for the Emperor, someone who is a skilled fighter, and someone who has information for you. There could be more than one candidate who fits this description, but exploring Diocletian with the seal will soon produce results.

Caught off-guard, a minotaur warrior blinks in surprise.
'Isn't this his Majesty's seal?' a minotaur warrior asks.
'Are you here for the orb?' a minotaur warrior asks.

'Yes' you say to a minotaur warrior.
'You unworthy scum, you shall never be able to recover the orbs if I have not yet recovered them.' a
minotaur warrior says. 'I am a minotaur and I can do anything better than you, So begone out of my
sight before I kill thee.'
A minotaur warrior begins attacking you!
A minotaur warrior is in perfect health

You are smashed on the head by a minotaur warrior's bash causing mild damage.
Electricity arcs across the spear of the dead!
A minotaur warrior is jabbed on the torso with your pierce causing incredible damage.
A minotaur warrior is jabbed on the torso with your pierce causing lethal damage.
A minotaur warrior has been slain!
Your blood freezes as you hear a minotaur warrior's death cry.
You receive 5,201 experience points.
A minotaur warrior collapses lifeless to the ground.
The severed tail of a minotaur warrior falls to the ground.
You take 788 gold coins.
You take a crumpled note from the corpse of a minotaur warrior.
You take an air orb from the corpse of a minotaur warrior.
The Powers give you one gold coin for your sacrifice of the corpse of a minotaur warrior.

Now you have the air orb, and a mysterious crumpled note. Hold onto the orb and read the writing on the note.

You see a series of weird characters, intermingled with strange symbols.
Luckily you can vaguely make out a few important sentences. The entire
paragraph sounds like a praise you would use for someone fetching for
compliments or an answer to a question. It reads,

Sunbeams dance across us in the noon, we bloom twice times twelve and
beneath our beautiful blossoms ye shall find what ye desire.

While it certainly sounded like a riddle to me, the truth is much easier... simply repeat the last two lines of the note to Larkin. Larkin is master gardener in Peristyle garden.

'Oh ye speak such beauty, perhaps you can help me figure out what has caused this wonderful occurance.' Larkin, the head gardener says. 'If you slay a rogue bumblebee and return to me a stinger, I will have one last task to ask of thee.

After retrieving the rogue bumblebee's stinger:

'Lantis, would you happen to know what happened to my flowers?' Larkin, the head gardener asks.
You give a bumblebee stinger to Larkin, the head gardener.
Larkin, the head gardener says, 'You are truly a noble one indeed and those pesky bumblebee's won't be able to sting me any more.'
Larkin, the head gardener chuckles politely.

Larkin, the head gardener asks, 'If I were to give you a spade, do you think you could help me one last time?'

'Yes' you say to Larkin, the head gardener.
'Oh good, I am glad that you are willing to help me, I am just getting too old for this.' Larkin, the head gardener says.

Larkin, the head gardener says, 'There is an odd seed that grows here in the Peristyle garden, find it and return it to me and I might be able to help you.'

'Oh yeah, I almost forgot, take my spade, you'll need it if you are to find the seed.' Larkin, the head gardener says.

Larkin, the head gardener gives you a wood and iron spade.

When I found the seed, it was to the room just south of Larkin in the garden. I do not know if it pops in the same place every time or not though. It could be a random room in the garden just as easily.

You begin to dig, throwing large clumps of earth over your shoulder.
You have uncovered an oddly-shaped seed!

You take an oddly-shaped seed.

You give an oddly-shaped seed to Larkin, the head gardener.
'Good, you found it, now I can finish my herbal mixture that I have been working on.' Larkin, the head gardener says.

'The other day I saw a man toss this into some bushes as he was running across the garden.' Larkin, the head gardener says. 'I don't know who it belongs to but surely someone as noble as yourself will be able to return it to its rightful owner.'

Larkin, the head gardener gives you an earth orb.

The earth orb can also be obtained in Vospire after reboot on the ground in one of the merchant's shops in the south side of the city.

Finally, go down and down into the tunnels beneath the Baths of Diocletian. Walk around until you find An Unusual Glowing Dead-End. Search in this room until an east exit appears. Go east into:

Inside Master Thief Agerfoyle's Den - - -
(-------------------------------------------------) W <---(M)---> -

Surprisingly, you have discovered a strikingly comfortable, rock-enclosed home. Mud-brick walls support the oval shape of the room, and the earth creates its floor and ceiling. A small blanketed bed and shelves line the northern wall, and a small kettle can be seen to your east. Unexpectedly abandoned by its owner, Agerfoyle, this small home now sits unused. Through the use of secret tunnels, Agerfoyle was able to gain access to a majority of the palace unnoticed. However, his last burglary was unfortunately interrupted by a number of guards, and he now sits in the secured palace jail. In the dead-center of the room is a curious sight, a magical broom is here, gently sweeping up dirt by itself. Two little wooden arms extend from the broom's long handle, one of which is holding a small copper dust pan. Your eyes widen as you notice what it holds in its other hand...
*A wooden broom whisks across the room, cleaning endlessly.

Yes, in the broom's hand is a water orb. Kill the broom and take its orb, if it has it. You may have to kill the broom more than once to get this orb. Once you have all three orbs (air, earth, and water,) return all three orbs to the Emperor of Diocletian.

Emperor Diocletian says, 'Oh thank goodness you have found all of the orbs, please give them to me and I will reward you handsomely.'

'Thank you for returning all of the orbs to me, Lantis.' Emperor Diocletian says. 'Now I can return them to their rightful place.'
Emperor Diocletian says, 'For your valor, I reward you with a weapon from my personal armory, the Pike of Prosperity.'
Emperor Diocletian gives you the pike of prosperity.
Emperor Diocletian says, 'The pike cannot be used by just by anyone, it takes someone of high morals to use the weapon.

The pike of prosperity is a level 150 pike that does holy-wrath damage with flaming. It doesn't seem to be a particularly good weapon, even for mid-third classers. Maybe that's just my opinion though.